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"I always thought I was the finest thing around." Anthony Anderson. IMG
"I don't like to sell my finest pieces." Beatrice Wood. IMG
"The finest thing about a hobby is that you can't do any pretending about it. You either like it or you don't." Dorothy Draper. IMG
"The finest wits have their sediment." Ralph Waldo Emerson. IMG
"Dan Gerber is one of our finest living poets." Annie Dillard. IMG
"A stunner...reminds me of Tom Clancy at his finest." James Rollins. IMG
"The finest day i ever had was when tomorrow never came" Kurt Cobain. IMG
"The Mohammedan religion is the finest of all" Napoleon Bonaparte. IMG
"...the finest act of seeing is necessarily always the act of not seeing something else." Mark Z Danielewski. IMG
"One of the finest magicians you can see is David Oliver." Barry Nolan. IMG
"Lucille was a darling lady. Probably the finest comedienne in the business." Robert Stack. IMG
"The Great Gatsby, the finest novel ever written." W P Kinsella. IMG
"Without question Gibson guitars are the finest, most revered guitars on the planet." Ted Nugent. IMG
"The finest poetry was first experience." Ralph Waldo Emerson. IMG
"The finest woman that ever walked the streets." Mae West. IMG
"Our finest flowers are often weeds transplanted." Elbert Hubbard. IMG
"our finest writing will certainly come from what is unregenerate in ourselves. It will come from the part that is obdurate, unbanishable, immune to education, springing up like grass." Bonnie Friedman. IMG
"Old Dublin City there is no doubtin' Bates every city upon the say. 'Tis there you'd hear O'Connell spoutin' And Lady Morgan making tay. For 'tis the capital of the finest nation, With charmin' pisintry upon a fruitful sod, Fightin' like devils for conciliation, And hatin' each other for the Love of God." Charles Lever. IMG
"Ah yes! Conservatives. Some of the finest minds of the 12th Century." Paul Begala. IMG
"You shone like a star. The funniest, wisest writer & the finest friend" Neil Gaiman. IMG
"What can be seductive about the eternal nothing is that the finest day is indifferently this one or any other like it." Rene Char. IMG
"When you have a wife who has been a tower of strength and shown more courage than you dreamed existed - that's the finest I know." Lou Gehrig. IMG
"George Wendt is a saint. And one of the finest American actors that we have." Max Greenfield. IMG
"The finest souls are those that have the most variety and suppleness." Michel De Montaigne. IMG
"He (Shoeless Joe Jackson) was the finest natural hitter in the history of the game." Ty Cobb. IMG
"A culture is in its finest flower before it begins to analyze itself." Alfred North Whitehead. IMG
"Even the finest workman needs to inspect his work critically." Robert Fulghum. IMG
"Understanding that rests in what it does not understand is the finest." Zhuangzi. IMG
"America's one of the finest countries anyone ever stole." Bobcat Goldthwait. IMG
"The back of Saint Peter's is one of the finest pieces of architecture I've ever seen." Frank Gehry. IMG
"Our presidency is a cut above, we all want the president to be the absolutely finest person and best person that we could elect, but even at that, presidents are not supposed to be unapproachable." Rush Limbaugh. IMG
"Don Rumsfeld is the finest secretary of defense the nation has ever had." Dick Cheney. IMG
"To money, the finest linguist in the world!" Minna Antrim. IMG
"God prefers bad verses recited with a pure heart to the finest verses chanted by the wicked." Voltaire. IMG
"The finest fury is the most controlled." Christopher Hitchens. IMG
"The finest and noblest ground on which people can live is truth; the real with the real; a ground on which nothing is assumed." Ralph Waldo Emerson. IMG
"I'm in the mood to get faded, so please bring your finest." Drake. IMG
"If you think back over your experiences, the chances are that you will find the finest moments in your life were those when you completely forgot yourself." Arlene Francis. IMG
"Sexual pleasure, wisely used and not abused, may prove the stimulus and liberator of our finest and most exalted activities." Havelock Ellis. IMG
"I can afford to get Tescos finest sandwiches rather than the basic ones." Taron Egerton. IMG
"All artists are crackpots. And it's their finest feature." Irving Stone. IMG
"One-half, the finest half, of life is hidden from the man who does not love with passion." Stendhal. IMG
"Aviation is poetry ... It's the finest kind of moving around, you know, just as poetry is the finest way of using words." Jessie Redmon Fauset. IMG
"... we are apt to think it the finest era of the world when America was beginning to be discovered, when a bold sailor, even if he were wrecked, might alight on a new kingdom ..." George Eliot. IMG
"In order always to learn something from others (which is the finest school there can be), I observe in my travels this practice: I always steer those with whom I talk back to the things they know best." Michel De Montaigne. IMG
"These are not exhortations from overwrought extremists, but carefully phrased warnings from some of the world's finest scientists," Denis Hayes. IMG
"The devil's finest trick is to persuade you that he does not exist." Charles Baudelaire. IMG
"?Some of my finest hours have been spent on my back veranda, smoking hemp and observing as far as my eye can see." Thomas Jefferson. IMG
"But it is in storms that God does his finest work, for it is in storms that God has our keenest attention" Max Lucado. IMG
"The finest eloquence is that which gets things done." David Lloyd George. IMG
"Conceit is the finest armour a man can wear." Jerome K Jerome. IMG
"The finest command of language is often shown by saying nothing." Roger Babson. IMG
"The finest proof of our loyalty toward one another was our monstrous disloyalties towards everyone else." Alain De Botton. IMG
"... to became neighbours and friends instead of journalists. This is the way to make your finest photographs." W Eugene Smith. IMG
"You never know the palette of the one you kill until the mind disgorges its finest colours." Anne Rice. IMG
"But without a need, even the finest piece of beef is merely a piece of dead bull is it not?" Chris Murray. IMG
"The Fates but only spin the coarser clue; The finest of the wool is left for you." John Dryden. IMG
"The presence of God is the finest of rewards." Yann Martel. IMG
"The finest plans have always been spoiled by the littleness of them that should carry them out. Even emperors can't do it all by themselves." Bertolt Brecht. IMG


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