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"We react very quickly in the market. We can make quick changes." John Ilhan. IMG
"Hurry boys, hurry, we have to make a quick change or the hour will be up." Malcolm Campbell. IMG
"I become an actor, a quick-change artist, as if I can trap the Prince of Truth in the act of switching a style." Norman Mailer. IMG
"If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle." Hillary Clinton. IMG
"...good technique includes quick changes, great variety and speed. It may be a system of reversals much like a concept of God and the Devil. In the speed of events, which one is really in charge?...to put the heart of martial arts inyour own heart and have it be a part of you means total comprehension and the use of a free style. When you have that you will know that there are no limits." Bruce Lee. IMG
"I know in the spy movies it always looks really cool when the operative goes from a maid's uniform to a slinky, sexy, ballgown in the amount of time it takes an elevator to climb three floors. Well, I don't know how it is for TV spies, but I can tell you that even with Velcro, the art of the quick change is one that must take a lot of practice (not to mention better lighting than one is likely to find in a tunnel that was once part of the underground railroad)." Ally Carter. IMG


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