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"I don't make things with my hands, although I studied woodworking and made furniture." Frank Gehry. IMG
"But with woodworking, it's really sort of gratifying to be able to have an actual piece to touch, and then step back and be able to share it." Luke Kirby. IMG
"I have been taking some classes in woodworking. It's really helpful just looking at a problem, and having a very tangible way in constructing it." Luke Kirby. IMG
"I really bridled when Parks And Rec became popular and woodworking publications wanted me to do stuff with them." Nick Offerman. IMG
"Let's just say I can never be cast again after Ron Swanson. Then I have a life of theater and woodworking and my wife to look forward to, and that doesn't make me anything but very happy." Nick Offerman. IMG
"I paid my way through college as a carpenter and a woodworker. So I've built the house I live in and most of the furniture that's in it, and I do a lot of woodworking still." Misha Collins. IMG
"I actually love woodworking. I'm just getting into it. And I love playing guitar, I'm a big movie aficionado, and I like hiking." Jordan Gavaris. IMG
"If I had more time, I'd watch more woodworking or home-improvement shows, but, not enough hours in the day." Nick Offerman. IMG
"If I didn't have to worry about money, I would be doing the same thing I'm doing now. Additionally, I would maintain other creative outlets - glassblowing and woodworking. I would operate a salon-format venue geared towards deviation; a destabilization of the audience/rock star dynamic." Jean Smith. IMG
"Woodworking requires a completely different kind of thinking and problem-solving ability than writing. With writing, you take a set of facts and ideas, and you reason your way forward to a story that pulls them together. With woodworking, you start with an end product in mind, and reason your way backward to the raw wood." Joshua Foer. IMG
"I think one of the worst things schools have done is taken out all of the stuff like art, music, woodworking, sewing, cooking, welding, auto-shop. All these things you can turn into careers. How can you get interested in these careers if you don't try them on a little bit?" Temple Grandin. IMG


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