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"I had no knowledge of the various steps involved in the game balls and the process that happened between when they were prepared and went to the officials and went to the game. So, I've learned a lot about that." Bill Belichick. IMG
"Generally, traditional businesses were slow to recognize the way in which legalized gambling captured dollars from across the entire spectrum of the various consumer markets, but now they know" John Warren Kindt. IMG
"Some things may work, but they definitely won't work every time. Some things may work at various times." Jerry Garcia. IMG
"I've always explored various areas of society." Johnny Cash. IMG
"There is a massive ecosystem that has to get built that looks like a biosphere. And the various parts of that biosphere better be there." Juan Enriquez. IMG
"After all my various relationships I find myself now home alone." Francesca Annis. IMG
"To discover the various use of things is the work of history." Karl Marx. IMG
"In my experience of living, for a time, in the underbelly of society, I spent a lot of time in various holding cells." Natasha Lyonne. IMG
"Wal-Mart announced it will create 10,000 jobs in the United States just [2017] year because of our various plans and initiatives." Donald Trump. IMG
"Consider England. Within a few score years how many unsettling changes in religion has the whole kingdom made, according to the change of its rulers, in the various religions which they embraced." Roger Williams. IMG
"One thing is clear, everyone, no matter what their professional or material status, no matter what their influence on various state structures, must obey the law." Vladimir Putin. IMG
"Unfortunately, the relations between the United Kingdom and Russia have not developed in the best possible way; however, it has never been our fault. It was not we who decided to discontinue relations with the United Kingdom; it was the UK who preferred to "freeze" our bilateral contacts in various fields." Vladimir Putin. IMG
"We talked about various aspects of what we wanted to talk about, Hillary [Clinton] and [Donald] Trump and down-ballot stuff, various issues. One of the things that it showed was you've got to use fear." Joss Whedon. IMG
"In fact, the most important reforms are those needed, without new laws, at various levels of Government, in work practices and procedures." Narendra Modi. IMG
"I like to walk a lot and various ideas come in my mind. Many of them I discard." Allan Loeb. IMG
"People who know various movie versions don't really know the story." David Morrell. IMG
"I am working with various music producers and hope to be releasing music." Olivia Stuck. IMG
"So most of the time when we are confronted by more, rather than a few, choices we're often novices and so we don't really know how to differentiate these various options." Sheena Iyengar. IMG
"Love is a pleasing but a various clime." William Shenstone. IMG
"I've never had a manager, and I've had various agents, and, fortunately or unfortunately, I've been blessed." Rebecca De Mornay. IMG
"Such and so various are the tastes of men." Mark Akenside. IMG
"Desiring things widely different for their various tastes." Horace. IMG
"He touch'd the tender stops of various quills, With eager thought warbling his Doric lay." John Milton. IMG
"It is through chance that, from among the various individuals of which each of us is composed, one emerges rather than another." Henry de Montherlant. IMG
"I'm trying to learn from various corners of the world." Yuri Milner. IMG
"Home has become such a scattered, damaged, various concept in our present travails. There is so much to yearn for. There are so few rainbows any more." Salman Rushdie. IMG
"If you're passionate about life, and you love what you do, you learn how to organize yourself and switch your various sides on and off." Dhani Jones. IMG
"I do think that there is pressure in various constituencies to reject the president." Anthony Scaramucci. IMG
"Torture is illegal. Torture is banned by various provisions of the law. I support that." Mike Pence. IMG
"By various agencies, unintentional and designed, a society transforms uninitiated and seemingly alien beings into robust trustees of its own resources and ideals. Education is thus a fostering, a nurturing, a cultivating, process." John Dewey. IMG
"The difficulty that negotiators have is often based on the cultural difference that various countries have." Christine Lagarde. IMG
"The data on which philosophical theorizing is based are rather the intuited contents themselves, concerning the various thought experiments. At least that is so outside the epistemology of the a priori." Ernest Sosa. IMG
"For various reasons, when people engage the Bible, they don't see very readily how it relates to their work." David Kim. IMG
"The very essence of civilized culture is that we deliberately institute, in advance of the happening of various contingencies and emergencies of life, devices for detecting their approach and registering their nature, for warding off what is unfavorable or at least for protecting ourselves from its full impact." Dale Jamieson. IMG
"Certainly there are various trans-Islamic political movements, which try to appeal to Muslims in all societies" Samuel P Huntington. IMG
"There's the basket of deplorables, who are bigots of various stripes, misogynists, anti-Muslim, racists, homophobes." George Packer. IMG
"[Donald] Trump`s business conflicts are big enough and have come up throughout various aspects of this transition." Chuck Todd. IMG
"General [James] Mattis has said that the deal's in place. We can't unilaterally pull out of it without support from our allies because the sanctions wouldn't bite as deeply. And so he'll find other ways to push back against Iran in the various conflicts that Iran is fomenting around the [Iran] region." Peter R. Mansoor. IMG
"Poetry had in the hands of various people become a place for inconvenient knowledge insofar as it was a place for knowledge at all. But it was a place where you could talk about other kinds of experience than the official version." Robert Hass. IMG
"The idea [of the Fourth Phase ] was that by taking a closer look at where our weather comes from, and the processes involved in making it, we could all walk away with a greater appreciation of water in its various magical forms." Travis Rice. IMG
"We know what happens when Europeans start dividing themselves up and emphasizing their differences and seeing a competition between various countries in a zero sum way." Barack Obama. IMG
"One of the things I advised Donald Trump to do was to make sure that, before he commits to certain courses of action, he has really dug in and thought through how various issues play themselves out." Barack Obama. IMG
"The populations of most cities around the world continue to grow. The reasonspeople congregate in cities are various and complex, and the dawn of the digital age has not put much of adamper on the human urge to congregate." Tom Peters. IMG
"There are various non-statistical tools that have been typically developed by lean companies, notably by Toyota for minimizing variability in production, such as standardization, introduction of takt time, synchronization, shortening the total production lead time which I am fond of referring to as non statistical tools." Masaaki Imai. IMG
"If you're making abortion illegal and undermining the various things that will allow the prevention of that need, it can only be a situation that goes from bad to worse." Willie Parker. IMG
"We identified various sectors of the economy, which we said were growth sectors. I have mentioned tourism. We said, for instance, agro-business. We grow a lot of food and fruit and things like that. It must be possible to process those." Thabo Mbeki. IMG
"The depth of talent in Israel is just spectacular. I was very excited by it because when you cast in LA, you tend to see a lot of the same faces on lists for various parts." Tim Kring. IMG
"It's been scattered and I had to follow leads. Some stuff was with different family members in various drawers. I find out about more stuff and more stuff [over time]. I won't call it a treasure hunt, but it's like an old Western movie we're you're onto one thing and it turns into another." Aaron Brookner. IMG
"A lot of the Beatles albums were very various, and we did it on purpose: We didn't want the next track to sound like the last one." Paul Mccartney. IMG
"Human affairs are so obscure and various that nothing can be clearly known." Desiderius Erasmus. IMG
"There are various eyes. Even the Sphinx has eyes: and as a result there are various truths, and as a result there is no truth." Friedrich Nietzsche. IMG
"Nowhere else can one find so miscellaneous, so various, an amount of knowledge as is contained in a good newspaper." Henry Ward Beecher. IMG
"Now then, you dogs, whom the apostle puts outside and who yelp at the God of truth, let us come to your various questions." Tertullian. IMG
"American dependence on oil has only gone up as we've gone through various crises and not invested in R&D." Bill Gates. IMG
"The various forms of despair at the various stations on the road." Franz Kafka. IMG
"There is no love; There are only the various envies, all of them sad." W H Auden. IMG
"We are doomed to failure without a daily destruction of our various preconceptions." Taiichi Ohno. IMG
"Perhaps like the many and various meanings of the word "we," liberals use the word "unsubstantiated" to mean "tested repeatedly and proved true."" Ann Coulter. IMG
"The various levels of problems and issues are interwoven, so that solving any one of them without simultaneously addressing the others rarely works for long." Arnold Mindell. IMG
"Arists in various fields are always the first to discover how to enable one medium or to release the power of another." Marshall Mcluhan. IMG


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