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"When I act, I act. When I sing, I sing. I don't put one over the other. Entertaining is what I do best." Irene Cara. IMG
"At least it's really entertaining when I embarrass myself." Lucas Till. IMG
"I know Americans talk a great deal about the price of things - more, I consider, than is entertaining, sometimes!" Sara Jeannette Duncan. IMG
"I wanted to do something that was entertaining - but with a catch." Luc Besson. IMG
"THE THREE is really wonderful. A mix of Michael Crichton and Shirley Jackson, hard to put down and vastly entertaining." Stephen King. IMG
"No temptation is a temptation, unless we are entertaining it." Sterling W Sill. IMG
"If you're not entertaining, what the hell's the point?" Tracy Letts. IMG
"I'm not against vodka - they just asked us. They put out some story about us entertaining international celebrities with vodka, which of course wasn't true." Robin Day. IMG
"Just going on the road and entertaining the fans, that's amazing." Jordan Knight. IMG
"I love entertaining and doing Martha Stewart stuff." Laura Prepon. IMG
"Simply the best! Great music, extremely entertaining." Joe Zawinul. IMG
"A speech is entertaining only when serenely detached from all information." Henry F Ashurst. IMG
"There's nothing more fun than entertaining kids." Jerry Seinfeld. IMG
"The late start is due to the time." David Coleman. IMG
"Any fight that Floyd Mayweather is in is going to be entertaining, regardless. People come to see an icon, a living legend, a superstar." Floyd Mayweather Jr. IMG
"Aside from the nagging, he's the most entertaining hallucination I've ever had." Kirsten Miller. IMG
"Andrew Keen was so typically brilliant and entertaining at LeWeb 2007 that we booked him for Le Web 2009." Loic Le Meur. IMG
"If we entertain temptations, soon they begin entertaining us!" Neal A Maxwell. IMG
"I learned that by being entertaining you make a connection with another person." Robin Williams. IMG
"I like projects that are entertaining, where I'm emotionally engaged and there's something to think about afterwards." Frank Spotnitz. IMG
"I'm self-entertaining. My dialogue is with myself." Michael Heizer. IMG
"The true test of our worldview is what we find entertaining." Albert Mohler. IMG
"The big thing is that we have five percent or less of the hardcore players actively entertaining the other ninety-five percent." Will Wright. IMG
"Once you get into entertaining a quarter of a million people, it's a very weird place to be." Joe Cocker. IMG
"Women are more skilled than men at making gossip entertaining." Kate Fox. IMG
"I'm self-entertaining. My dialogue is with myself." Michael Heizer. IMG
"Entertaining on any scale can be stressful and daunting." Pippa Middleton. IMG
"I got into film-making because I was interested in making entertaining movies, which I felt there was a lack of." Guy Ritchie. IMG
"I like entertaining people. I really miss it." Elvis Presley. IMG
"Because now it's the fans out there that are entertaining us, the developers, with their creations!" Will Wright. IMG
"Most women put off entertaining until the kids are grown." Erma Bombeck. IMG
"It is universally agreed that Jean Renoir was one of the greatest of all directors, and he was also one of the warmest and most entertaining." Roger Ebert. IMG
"I don't really plan what comes out of my mouth, and that's what makes most of my lyrics entertaining." Kesha. IMG
"I love entertaining people and this is entertainment." Jerry Bruckheimer. IMG
"My goal was never to be the loudest or the craziest. It was to be the most entertaining." Dwayne Johnson. IMG
"You want to be entertaining to some degree. But honesty is always entertaining to me." Dito Montiel. IMG
"Life was certainly more entertaining when people were indulging their vices as opposed to going to meetings to indulge in a new vice: discussing their innermost thoughts in public." Fran Lebowitz. IMG
"Wealthier countries have the luxury of entertaining fears the rest of the world cannot afford." Eula Biss. IMG
"It's always great to do a movie that you find is entertaining, but also can give some sort of political or social message." Edward Zwick. IMG
"Learning and entertaining can go hand-in-hand." Wendy Williams. IMG
"For the most part my friends can always be more entertaining than the tube ever can be." Chuck Palahniuk. IMG
"Comedy is just complaining in an entertaining way, Enterplaining." Jerry Seinfeld. IMG
"It's much more entertaining to live books than to write them." Jean Webster. IMG
"The time is come when women must do something more than the "domestic hearth," which means nursing the infants, keeping a pretty house, having a good dinner and an entertaining party." Florence Nightingale. IMG
"It's a funny thing with documentary films - you want them to feel as entertaining and as gripping as a fictional film. With a fictional film you want it to feel as realistic as a documentary film." Jonathan Demme. IMG
"My style is neither casual nor academic, it's somewhere in between. For me, that's the best way to be succinct and informative but still (I hope) at least a bit entertaining." Joel McIver. IMG
"I want to make films that are worthwhile, on some level, but also very entertaining." Charles Martin Smith. IMG
"I've never done anything bad. I can't do anything bad. It's got to be professional. It's got to look professional. It's got to read professional. In other words, it serves its purpose by entertaining a reader." Jack Kirby. IMG
"Stupid is never that entertaining. You can be stupid and sexy, stupid and funny but he's just plain stupid. That is not remarkable, that's what I mean." John Waters. IMG
"There's something wonderful about entertaining people on vacation. Everyone is there to have a good time." Jennifer Hudson. IMG
"This is a young man who is only 25, and you have to say, her has answered every question that has ever been asked." David Coleman. IMG
"A truly international field, no Britons involved." David Coleman. IMG
"We estimate, and this isn't an estimation, that Greta Waitz is 80 seconds behind" David Coleman. IMG
"Some names to look forward to - perhaps in the future" David Coleman. IMG
"And with alphabetical irony Nigeria follows New Zealand" David Coleman. IMG
"And the line up for the final of the women's 400 metres hurdles includes three Russians, two East Germans, a Pole, a Swede and a Frenchman" David Coleman. IMG
"In a moment, we hope to see the pole vault over the satellite." David Coleman. IMG
"On his world record triple jump - It's only jumping into a sandpit." Jonathan Edwards. IMG
"I like to be around entertaining people. Even if they're bored, and you're in a convalescent home, there's something entertaining about that, in a way." Amy Sedaris. IMG
"If I'm not comfortable in my own skin or confident in who I am, then I'm going to pick parts based on how people are going to view them, not based on what I find challenging or entertaining." Mila Kunis. IMG



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