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"I started out on guitar when I was nine years old, and I started playing bars and stuff when I was thirteen, and I've been playing ever since." DJ Ashba. IMG
"After twenty years and thirty stories, thirteen pieces were finally selected and the collection was born. So far, the blurbs from [authors] Maxine Hong Kingston, Gish Jen, Robert Olen Butler, Oscar Hijuelos and others, have been most encouraging." Andrew Lam. IMG
"She's thirteen. Time will remedy that." Karen Marie Moning. IMG
"Elvis lived here until thirteen and nobody can really take that from us!" Henry Dodge. IMG
"But, when I was about thirteen, I began to sort of sing in my neighborhood." Ruben Blades. IMG
"Squaring numbers are just like women. If they're under thirteen, just do them in your head." Bo Burnham. IMG
"When I first met Laurence I was Keanu's [Reeves] stunt double on the first Matrix. So, a little evolution there with career status. But then cut to the thirteen/fourteen years later where now I'm asking Laurence Fishburne to trust my directorial capacity [in John Wick 2]." Chad Stahelski. IMG
"[Ocean's Thirteen] is a great group, and it was an opportunity to work with Steven Soderbergh. But mainly? It was shot in L.A. and I want to be next to my kids. So I've been doing everything that has to do with being next to them, close to them." Al Pacino. IMG
"I was a gymnast for twelve or thirteen years. Then I got into surfing and now I paddle board and hike and do whatever I can. I think it's my love of the outdoors." Serinda Swan. IMG
"I loved Thirteen and I loved Pretty Persuasion, and was always just so blown away by her [Rachel Evan Wood]. It was nice, and sadly, it is so rare." Ellen Page. IMG
"I played violin from when I was about eight to thirteen, so I could read a little bit, but if you put a piece of music in front of me now, I would probably know the notes, but not the timing, how they're supposed to be played, and I just don't know how to read chords. If I'd stuck with it, I'd probably have more jobs." Petra Haden. IMG
"I started doing music when I was thirteen; I actually started writing my first rhymes." Kendrick Lamar. IMG
"Not an insult sweetie. That was a thirteen word kiss." Dean Koontz. IMG
"I started writing when I was about thirteen." Al Purdy. IMG
"When I was thirteen I only wanted to be a drummer." Ringo Starr. IMG
"If I have one, I'll have thirteen. No, there ain't no in-betwee. Cuz the more I drink, the more I drink, the more I drink." Blake Shelton. IMG
"Child. That was a terrible thing to say to anyone who was almost thirteen." Terry Pratchett. IMG
"(Don) Sutton lost thirteen games in a row without winning a ballgame." Ralph Kiner. IMG
"My protagonists are my mother's voice and the mind I had when I was thirteen." Harold Brodkey. IMG
"I was sixteen then, and I'm seventeen now, and sometimes I act like I'm about thirteen. Sometimes, I act a lot older than I am-I really do. But people never notice it. People never notice anything." J D Salinger. IMG
"I had, by thirteen, developed a sort of Taoist hubris about my ability to control via non-control." David Foster Wallace. IMG
"Thirteen at a table is unlucky only, when the hostess has only twelve chops." Groucho Marx. IMG
"Amazing, then, how with that one remark, he made a mortifying situation thirteen times worse." Tessa Dare. IMG
"Some people say we have thirteen albums that all sound the same. That isn't true. We have fourteen albums that all sound the same." Angus Young. IMG
"It's like I'm thirteen again and he's my crush. All I'm aware of in this entire roomful of people is him. Where he is, what he's doing, who he's talking to." Sophie Kinsella. IMG
"Thirteen years I took on this last book." Gay Talese. IMG
"Whereupon, at the tender age of thirteen, I set upon the path of playing nothing but hookers." Ida Lupino. IMG
"It was at thirteen years old that Marya Morevna learned how to keep a secret, and that secrets are jealous things, permitting no fraternization." Catherynne M Valente. IMG
"Only thirteen, and she knows how to nasty." Frank Zappa. IMG
"I was at the front for thirteen months, and by the end of that time the sharpest perceptions had become dulled, the greatest words mean." Ernst Toller. IMG
"Thirteen sovereignties pulling against each other and all tugging at the federal head, will soon bring ruin on the whole." George Washington. IMG
"When I was thirteen I basically asked my mother if it was possible for this to end, that I'd had enough of it. And I truly had had enough. And that was right about the time that we got a call for a movie interview." Linda Blair. IMG
"If I had a dreamcatcher when I was thirteen, it would have spent many long days in the dryer." Dana Gould. IMG
"You have a 12-foot fence. You know what'll happen? Thirteen foot ladders." Bill Richardson. IMG
"I've now been in this country for thirteen years, since I was seventeen. So this is my second home." Hakeem Olajuwon. IMG
"The Thirteen States are Thirteen Sovereign bodies." Oliver Ellsworth. IMG
"What I try to do for my readers is to pass on some of the things that I found out about being thirteen after doing it for forty years." Diane Duane. IMG
"I was born in Massachusetts and lived there until I was thirteen years old." Robert Goulet. IMG
"I think from the age of thirteen, I really wanted to be a producer and I've always thought that the producer was the top of the tree." Jeff Lynne. IMG
"it seems to me that later on neither I nor anyone else will be interested in the musings of a thirteen-year-old schoolgirl." Anne Frank. IMG
"There are sixteen cans of coffee here; together they hold a total of thirteen and a half pounds of coffee. Doesn't that seem like cheating?" Andy Rooney. IMG
"Barry Goldwater has definitely decided to be a candidate in '64. He will campaign in all thirteen states." George Carlin. IMG
"There are nearly thirteen million people in the world. None of those people is an extra. They're all the leads of their own stories. They have to be given their due." Charlie Kaufman. IMG
"It's my heart that is tired. A thirteen-year-old heart shouldn't feel like this." Markus Zusak. IMG
"Lena made a face. She almost never wore makeup; she didn't have to. "You know, it's not like we all sign a contract with Maybelline when we turn thirteen." Kami Garcia. IMG
"My agent had told me that he was going to make me the Janet Gaynor of England-I was going to play all the sweet roles. Whereupon, at the tender age of thirteen, I set upon the path of playing nothing but hookers." Ida Lupino. IMG
"The Golden Age of science fiction is thirteen." Terry Carr. IMG
"I say, thirteen is too many dogs for good mental health. Five is pretty much the limit. More than five dogs and you forfeit your right to call yourself entirely sane. Even if the dogs are small." E. Lockhart. IMG
"I'm listening to someone give up. Someone I knew-someone I liked. I'm listening... but still, I'm too late." Jay Asher. IMG
"As I grew older I found that I really had a knack for rhyming and I pursued that. So by thirteen I got serious about using my writing and rhyming skills. I did it everywhere I could." LeCrae. IMG
"Nine and nine makes fourteen, four and four makes nine. The clock is striking thirteen, I think I've lost my mind." Elvis Presley. IMG
"Look, it's my misery that I have to paint this kind of painting, it's your misery that you have to love it, and the price of the misery is thirteen hundred and fifty dollars." Mark Rothko. IMG
"She had the underwear of a thirteen-year-old, as well, he thought. He glanced back at her. But the shoes of a courtesan." Anne Stuart. IMG
"I had become an atheist at the age of thirteen, when atomic bombs were dropped on Japan." Paul Krassner. IMG
"There are eleven or twelve or thirteen cities in China with populations of over 10 million people and most people in the West have never even heard of these cities." Roger Corman. IMG
"Say what you want about America - thirteen bucks can still get you a hell of a lot of mice!" George Michael. IMG
"Robert Plant asked me to marry him, but I said 'no.' I mean, you just don't want to marry someone you've wanted to do it with since you were thirteen, because, well, if he farts, I would, like, die!" Tori Amos. IMG
"When Howard Marks came out of prison, years later, I met him at a concert in South Wales; I was a young whippersnapper and Howard was kind of an outlaw hero. I said to him - and it's on tape, a cousin of his filmed our meeting - I said, "If you write a book, I want to play you in a movie." He said, "Let's shake on it," and we did. Thirteen years later, there we were, making the movie." Rhys Ifans. IMG
"I wasn't doing it to shock anybody or to be rebellious or to get attention making "Heart-Shaped Glasses" with Marilyn Manson. I was more proud of that than anything because it took a lot of strength and bravery to put myself out there like that. It was a risk. I'm glad that I did it because usually the best things I've done have come from the biggest risks. Thirteen was a risk and that was amazing." Evan Rachel Wood. IMG
"I just couldn't believe that it [Into the Forest script] had fallen into my lap, because I felt so incredibly connected to my character, and I understood her, and I really...I haven't had that feeling about a script since I had read Thirteen or The Wrestler when I was just like, "No one else can do this." I just feel so passionate about it." Evan Rachel Wood. IMG


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