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"What a delight it is to respect people!" Anton Chekhov. IMG
"I've grown up and understood how I'm supposed to conduct myself and I respect people as I go along the way." Cliff Floyd. IMG
"Respect People, Inspect Ideas." David A. Noebel. IMG
"I respect people in the military. And I always have, at least since I've been there." Donald Trump. IMG
"I happen to respect people who are willing to come under public scrutiny and serve their country." Bernie Sanders. IMG
"I respect people and expect that kind of respect back." Dennis Franz. IMG
"I don't envy or much respect people who are completely politicised." Christopher Hitchens. IMG
"I want to build up my philosophy... my philosophy with kung fu is to respect people." Jackie Chan. IMG
"I really respect people who, while they only do films, they have a wide repertoire and a wide thematic array of films they do." Graham Phillips. IMG
"Respect people who trust you. It takes a lot for people to trust you, so treat their trust like precious porcelain." Brandon Cox. IMG
"I love thoroughness. I respect people that do a job well." Micah Lexier. IMG
"I respect people who promote the way they feel sexually" Kurt Cobain. IMG
"If you respect people, and you pay them well, they will do anything for you" Marcus Lemonis. IMG
"I do respect people's faith, but I don't respect their manipulation of that faith in order to create fear and control." Javier Bardem. IMG
"I live art, I respect people, and I've found what I want to do in life - I've found what makes me happy." Lil B. IMG
"Let our tribute to the dead be a new resolve: to respect people for what they individually think, rather than respect groups for what they were collectively brought up to believe." Richard Dawkins. IMG
"I respect people who are willing to deal with everything that comes with being a politician, but I'm not willing to deal with half the country rooting for you to fail. I'm a singer; I deal with enough. But at least half the country's not trying to destroy me." John Legend. IMG
"You have to respect people's suffering. To deny that the world is unfair and painful for most of the people living in it would be false and judgmental." George Meyer. IMG
"I guess I am ruthless too because that's what makes a great artist. But I also respect people, I don't go around stepping on their heads." Julian Schnabel. IMG
"I don't believe in an afterlife. I don't believe in a single or multiple godhead. I respect people who do, but I don't believe it myself." Tony Judt. IMG
"All the events of your past have formed a lens, or paradigm, through which you see the world. And since no one's past is exactly like anyone else's, no two people see alike." Sean Covey. IMG
"When we love and respect people, revealing to them their value, they can begin to come out from behind the walls that protect them." Jean Vanier. IMG
"I respect people who feel things passionately. I do. But when someone is a judge, that is not what they should bring to the bench. It is not really passion, except in rare instances, that serves the bench well. It is, rather, an ability to understand the law and follow it." Charles Schumer. IMG
"I am right at the bottom compared to everybody else with press kits and demos and trying to get meetings. That's what I love about music and hate about it. That's why I respect people that are successful in the music business because you really have to build it from the ground up." Drake. IMG
"I'd much rather be part of a society which greatly honors and respects people who are altruists and who are effective in their altruism, than one that either admires people because they're, you know, celebrity movie stars or because they're super wealthy just no matter what they do with their wealth because I think we ought to try to encourage more people to act in that way." Peter Singer. IMG
"Trump respects people who are selfish about their country. Putin is a guy who is very selfish about Russia and about the Russian federation, and he understands the history of his country. You can't say, "I don't like you." You've got to respect him. He's a world leader." Michael T. Flynn. IMG
"I understand and respect people who say they want to boycott the Trump brand. I also respect your right to buy his products. But what you miss is that no one in public office, Hilary or Trump should use that platform to profit themselves. In Trump's case there are serious concerns about the conflict of interest in his brand and business ownership. Do we really want a president who had products he can push while working for the American people?" Michelle Singletary. IMG
"In the past, the respect people had for religion meant that ethical practice was maintained through a majority following one religion or another. But this is no longer the case. We must therefore find some other way of establishing basic ethical principles." Dalai Lama. IMG
"I never make the mistake of arguing with people for whose opinions I have no respect." Edward Gibbon. IMG
"It's very hard to respect people on holiday - everybody looks so silly at the beach, it makes you hate humanity - but when you see people at their work they elicit respect, whether it's a mechanic, a stonemason or an accountant." Alain De Botton. IMG
"I respect people who can do both careers, like Will Smith and a couple of other people who have done it, but I just don't know when they sleep." Val Kilmer. IMG
"I have been villainized because of my identity - I've received nasty blog comments and emails just based on my willingness to identify with feminism by people who clearly don't understand what I value and why I identify as a feminist. Ultimately, I'm less concerned with whether or not people identify as feminist and am more concerned with whether or not people understand what feminism is. If they don't want to identify as a feminist that's fine. I respect people's decision to identify any way they want and expect that same respect in return, although I don't always get it." Julie Zeilinger. IMG
"A great leader needs to love and respect people, and he needs to be comfortable with himself and with the world. He also needs to be able to forgive himself and others. In other words, a leader needs grace." Leo Hindery. IMG
"Extemporaneous speaking should be practised [sic] and cultivated. It is the lawyer's avenue to the public. However able and faithful he may be in other respects, people are slow to bring him business if he cannot make a speech. And yet there is not a more fatal error to young lawyers than relying too much on speech-making. If any one, upon his rare powers of speaking, shall claim an exemption from the drudgery of the law, his case is a failure in advance." Abraham Lincoln. IMG
"Respect people with less power then you. I don't care if you're the most powerful cat in the room, I will judge you on how you treat the least powerful. So there." Tim Minchin. IMG
"To live in accordance with how one thinks. Be yourself and don't try to impose your criteria on the rest. I don't expect others to live like me. I want to respect people's freedom, but I defend my freedom. And that comes with the courage to say what you think, even if sometimes others don't share those views." Jose Mujica. IMG
"If you want to be miserable, think about yourself, about what you want, what you like, what respect people ought to pay you and what people think of you." Charles Kingsley. IMG
"For no matter what we achieve, if we don't spend the vast majority of our time with people we love and respect, we cannot possibly have a great life. But if we spend the vast majority of our time with people we love and respect - people we really enjoy being on the bus with and who will never disappoint us - then we will almost certainly have a great life, no matter where the bus goes. The people we interviewed from the good-to-great companies clearly loved what they did, largely because they loved who they did it with." James C Collins. IMG
"Gardening is the greatest tonic and therapy a human being can have. Even if you have only a tiny piece of earth, you can create something beautiful, which we all have a great need for. If we begin by respecting plants, it's inevitable we'll respect people." Audrey Hepburn. IMG
"It is better to displease the people by doing what you know is right." William J H Boetcker. IMG
"Democracy begins in human conversation. A democratic conversation does not require elaborate rules of procedure or utopian notions of perfect consensus. What it does require is a spirit of mutual respect-people conversing critically with one another in an atmosphere of honesty and shared regard." William Greider. IMG
"Considering you are pretty much like this the whole time whether you're onstage, whether you're in the van, whether you're eating, whether you're in the hotel room. So everyone has their moments and you kind of learn to respect people's space when they're not in a good mood." Barry Privett. IMG
"If you have some respect for people as they are, you can be more effective in helping them to become better than they are." John W Gardner. IMG
"If you want to be a great leader, remember to treat all people with respect at all times. For one, because you never know when you'll need their help. And two, because it's a sign you respect people, which all great leaders do." Simon Sinek. IMG
"I realise how important it is to use the time I have. I respect people who want to do that by watching television. I happen to want to read books. But I know I can't read all the books or watch all the movies in one lifetime." Viggo Mortensen. IMG
"I've always just adored music. It's my first love, really. I admire and respect people in the music business. You really have to work hard and diligently. Sometimes actors can be lazy and get away with it, but you can't do that if you're a musician." Blythe Danner. IMG
"I love making new friends and I respect people for a lot of different reasons." Taylor Swift. IMG
"You must respect people and work hard to be in shape. And I used to train very hard. When the others players went to the beach after training, I was there kicking the ball." Pele. IMG
"I think the reason that a lot of people have to have a lot of people around is just about being smart and knowing what you want to talk about. I want people to know who I am. Respect is a huge thing - especially in my family. If you don't respect people, people aren't going to respect you back. It's just about yourself, you respecting others, and hopefully everyone else will follow that and respect you, as well." Miley Cyrus. IMG
"Do what you love. Love what you do. Take less. Give more. Never quit. Never follow. Be passionate. Be bold. Be honest. Respect people. Respect the environment. Always bring out the best in your family and friends. Change is the only constant. Fear is an illusion. Attitude is everything." Sonnie Trotter. IMG
"If you wish to be miserable, think about yourself, about what you want, what you like, what respect people ought to pay you, what people think of you; and then to you nothing will be pure. You will spoil everything you touch; you will make sin and misery for yourself out of everything God sends you; you will be as wretched as you choose." Charles Kingsley. IMG
"In a relationship you want to treat people the way you want to be treated." Bradley Cooper. IMG
"That you may retain your self-respect, it is better to displease the people by doing what you know is right, than to temporarily please them by doing what you know is wrong." William J H Boetcker. IMG
"This new enemy seeks to destroy our freedom and impose its views. We value life; the terrorists ruthlessly destroy it. We value education; the terrorists do not believe women should be educated or should have health care, or should leave their homes. We value the right to speak our minds; for the terrorists, free expression can be grounds for execution. We respect people of all faiths and welcome the free practice of religion; our enemy wants to dictate how to think and how to worship even to their fellow Muslims." George W Bush. IMG
"Above all, do not lie to yourself." Fyodor Dostoevsky. IMG
"Above all, don't lie to yourself." Fyodor Dostoevsky. IMG
"Golden eagles don`t mate with bald eagles, deer don`t mate with antelope, gray wolves don`t mate with red wolves. Just look at domesticated animals, at mongrel dogs, and mixed breed horses, and you`ll know the Great Mystery didn`t intend them to be that way. We weakened the species and introduced disease by mixing what should be kept seperate. Among humans, intermarriage weakens the respect people have for themselves and for their traditions. It undermines clarity of spirit and mind." Russell Means. IMG
"The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to such a pass that he cannot distinguish the truth within him." Fyodor Dostoevsky. IMG
"Treat the world the way you want to be treated." Mike Tyson. IMG
"Above all, don't lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love." Fyodor Dostoevsky. IMG



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