Recuperation Quotes,

"Art is recuperation from time. I lie back convalescing upon the prospect of a harvest already at hand." R. S. Thomas. IMG
"The object of convalescence ought to be to turn our attention to life: at other times, simply to our tasks!" Friedrich Nietzsche. IMG
"Sleep is no longer a healing bath, a recuperation of vital forces, but an oblivion, a nightly brush with annihilation." J M Coetzee. IMG
"There was a time in my recuperation and healing where I just had to tell myself it is just time to get up and live your life the way you want to live," Tedy Bruschi. IMG
"For the recuperation of body and mind, there is nothing better than natural therapy - sand, sunshine and surf." Max Dupain. IMG
"I go on working for the same reason that a hen goes on laying eggs." H L Mencken. IMG
"In the larger view the major forces of the depression now lie outside of the United States, and our recuperation has been retarded by the unwarranted degree of fear and apprehension created by these outside forces." Herbert Hoover. IMG
"With six weeks' worth of recuperation time, you'll also be able to see any glaring holes in the plot or character development. And listen-if you spot a few of these big holes, you are forbidden to feel depressed about them or to beat up on yourself. Screw-ups happen to the best of us." Stephen King. IMG
"I go on working for the same reason that a hen goes on laying eggs. There is in every living creature an obscure but powerful impulse to active functioning. Life demands to be lived. Inaction, save as a measure of recuperation between bursts of activity, is painful and dangerous to the healthy organism- in fact, it is almost impossible. Only the dying can be really idle." H L Mencken. IMG
"A child's reaction to this type of calamity is twofold and extreme. Not knowing how deeply, powerfully, life drops anchor into its vast sources of recuperation, he is bound to envisage, at once, the very worst; yet at the same time, because of his inability to imagine death, the worst remains totally unreal to him. Gerard went on repeating: "Paul's dying; Paul's going to die"' but he did not believe it. Paul's death would be part of the dream, a dream of snow, of journeying forever." Jean Cocteau. IMG
"I sustained an injury by singing with the flu during the second performance of Andrea Chenier in Buenos Aires. I was very sick, with chills and sweats, but against my better judgement I let them talk me into singing. Of course I gave the performance everything I had and my voice was hurt. It was scary at first, but fortunately there was no permanent damage. I just had to be patient and wait for the voice to return. It took six weeks of physical recuperation and it took time to recover my confidence as well." Ben Heppner. IMG
"On the quality of life: 1. Realize that each human being has a built-in capacity for recuperation and repair. 2. Recognize that the quality of life is all-important. 3. Assume responsibility for the quality of your own life. 4. Nurture the regenerative and restorative forces within you. 5. Utilize laughter to create a mood in which the other positive emotions can be put to work for yourself and those around you. 6. Develop confidence and ability to feel love, hope and faith, and acquire a strong will to live." Norman Cousins. IMG



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