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"God's promise will bring your provision." John Hagee. IMG
"The provision is in the promises." Derek Prince. IMG
"A policy of life insurance is the cheapest and safest mode of making a certain provision for one's family." Benjamin Franklin. IMG
"Where God gives vision He always provides provision" Joel Osteen. IMG
"God is glorified when His people find satisfaction in Him and in His provisions for them." Max Anders. IMG
"God makes provision for our holiness, but He gives us the responsibility of using those provisions." Jerry Bridges. IMG
"His blessings and His provisions for us are based entirely on HIS GOODNESS and HIS FAITHFULNESS." Joseph Prince. IMG
"IMPROVIDENCE, n. Provision for the needs of to-day from the revenues of to-morrow." Ambrose Bierce. IMG
"Lawyers and physicians are an ill provision for any country." Michel De Montaigne. IMG
"Experience shows that what happens is always the thing against which one has not made provision in advance." John Maynard Keynes. IMG
"It seems to me that invisibility is the required provision of elegance. Elegance ceases to exist when it is noticed." Jean Cocteau. IMG
"In nature, no organic substance is synthesized unless there is provision for its degradation; recycling is enforced." Barry Commoner. IMG
"We make provisions for this life as if it were never to have an end, and for the other life as though it were never to have a beginning." Joseph Addison. IMG
"The provisions of Christ's gospel appear mean and scanty to the world, yet they satisfy all that feed on him in their hearts by faith with thanksgiving." Matthew Henry. IMG
"We must always keep in mind all legitimate authority is from God, and is given for protection, provision, and peace." John Bevere. IMG
"If we make provision for sinning tomorrow, we will be sinning tomorrow." Aiden Wilson Tozer. IMG
"Nothing is more beautiful and romantic than when provision and purpose kiss." Matthew Ashimolowo. IMG
"One of the greatest testimonials to God's love is His provision of His Word." Max Anders. IMG
"For the provision of God constantly to be at work in our lives we must activate the laws of God." Phil Pringle. IMG
"As for extraordinary things, all the provision in the world would not suffice." Michel De Montaigne. IMG
"Humanity lives and always has lived on certain elemental provisions." Charles Wagner. IMG
"Nothing that we have authorized conflicts with any law regarding privacy or any provision of the constitution." John Ashcroft. IMG
"Businesses large and small shouldn't have to check the expiration date of a tax provision to see if it's still good." Michael Enzi. IMG
"We got more provisions for our whiskey than the same money, which we paid for the liquor, would have bought; so after all it proved a very profitable investment." Buffalo Bill. IMG
"Among the defects of the bill [Lord Derby's] which are numerous, one provision is conspicuous by its presence and another by its absence." John Russell, 1st Earl Russell. IMG
"Theology made no provision for evolution." E O Wilson. IMG
"Worship strengthens you. It gives you a sense of God's presence and ultimately His protection and provision." T D Jakes. IMG
"I could never learn to like her, except on a raft at sea with no other provisions in sight." Mark Twain. IMG
"Machismo makes no provision for preparing lunch, doing the laundry, or minding the baby." Mason Cooley. IMG
"Provision is the foundation of hospitality, and thrift the fuel of magnificence." Philip Sidney. IMG
"As houses well stored with provisions are likely to be full of mice, so the bodies of those that eat much are full of diseases." Diogenes. IMG
"The Constitution, in all its provisions, looks to an indestructible Union composed of indestructible States." Salmon P Chase. IMG
"It is safe to assert that no government proper ever had a provision in its organic law for its own termination." Abraham Lincoln. IMG
"Give me the provisions and whole apparatus of a kitchen, and I would starve." Michel De Montaigne. IMG
"I had a Viking sense of entitlement to whatever provisions I could plunder." Jonathan Franzen. IMG
"The first years of man must make provision for the last." Samuel Johnson. IMG
"Provision was also made for the distribution of Germany's foreign assets among the Allies." James F Byrnes. IMG
"A decent provision for the poor is the true test of civilization." Samuel Johnson. IMG
"How wise and how merciful is that provision of nature by which his earthly anchor is usually loosened by many little imperceptible tugs, until his consciousness has drifted out of its untenable earthly harbor into the great sea beyond!" Arthur Conan Doyle. IMG
"The caretaking has to be done. "Somebody's got to be the mommy." Individually, we underestimate this need, and as a society we make inadequate provision for it. Women take up the slack, making the need invisible as we step in to fill it." Mary Catherine Bateson. IMG
"Consciously designed landscapes which mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature, while yielding an abundance of food, fibre and energy for provision of local needs." David Holmgren. IMG
"This is how God works. He puts people in positions where they are desperate for his power, and then he shows his provision in ways that display his greatness" David Platt. IMG
"NOBLEMAN, n. Nature's provision for wealthy American minds ambitious to incur social distinction and suffer high life." Ambrose Bierce. IMG
"Where there is no market economy, the best intentioned provisions of constitutions and laws remain a dead letter." Ludwig Von Mises. IMG
"It will be important to restore those provisions, those disclose provisions, those release provisions so that presidents are indeed held accountable and their information and papers are made public." Ted Gup. IMG
"The market's been soft, .. and I think that's mostly a result of the new provisions in the collective bargaining agreement." Andrew Zimbalist. IMG
"Constitutional provisions are not barriers to government misconduct. At best, they can be speed bumps." Arnold Kling. IMG
"Abundance isn't God's provision for me to live in luxury. It's his provision for me to help others live. God entrusts me with his money not to build my kingdom on earth, but to build his kingdom in heaven." Randy Alcorn. IMG
"Instead of imagining all the things we can accomplish, we ask God to do what only he can accomplish. Yes, we work, we plan, we organize, and we create, but we do it all while we fast, while we pray, and while we constantly confess our need for the provision of God." David Platt. IMG
"Vision beyond your resources? Don't let fear dictate your decisions. If your vision is God-given, it will most definitely be beyond your ability and beyond your resources. The God who gives the vision is the same God who makes provision." Mark Batterson. IMG
"So the effect of this Republican provision to allow doctors to be gagged from even discussing abortion with their patients is outrageous." Frank Lautenberg. IMG
"I cannot imagine why we should be at the expense to furnish wit for succeeding ages, when the former have made no sort of provision for ours." Jonathan Swift. IMG
"In Egypt, a civil state means a modern nationalist state that is compatible with Islamist provisions." Ali Gomaa. IMG
"Christian contentment, therefore, is the direct fruit of having no higher ambition than to belong to the Lord and to be totally at His disposal in the place He appoints, at the time He chooses, with the provision He is pleased to make." Sinclair B. Ferguson. IMG
"Continue to execute all the express provisions of our national Constitution, and the Union will endure forever-it being impossible to destroy it, except by some action not provided for in the instrument itself." Abraham Lincoln. IMG
"[I]n framing a Government for a nation we ought, in those provisions which are designed to be permanent, to calculate not on temporary, but on permanent causes of expence." Alexander Hamilton. IMG
"Experience assures us, that the efficacy of the provision has been greatly over-rated; and that some more adequate defense is indispensably necessary for the more feeble, against the more powerful members of the government." James Madison. IMG
"Provision for others is a fundamental responsibility of human life." Woodrow Wilson. IMG
"I am astonished about those people who are ordered to prepare their provisions, then the start of the journey is announced, however they remain unmindful in their vain discussions and fruitless deeds." Hasan of Basra. IMG
"Make wisdom your provision for the journey from youth to old age, for it is a more certain support than all other possessions." Bias of Priene. IMG


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