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"I don't see that there are any particular changes in popular music." Lester Bangs. IMG
"Popular music has always had its really horrendous stuff." Rickie Lee Jones. IMG
"Popular music formed the soundtrack of my life." Martin Scorsese. IMG
"Popular music is popular because a lot of people like it." Irving Berlin. IMG
"Commercial music, for the most part, is popular music and you always have to keep that in mind." Babyface. IMG
"I would consider my music like, pop-R&B. So it can reach a lot of people. Pop is popular music. That's what it stands for. So I'm just making music that I know that I like, I know other people will like, and my fans will like." Justin Bieber. IMG
"Steve Marcus was one of the greatest saxophonists in all of music. He truly was able to unite jazz with the popular music of the time." Larry Coryell. IMG
"I turn on the radio now and I don't have anything against a lot of sequenced and programmed and electronic music, a lot of it is dope and it's the future. It's what popular music has evolved to." Eric Benet. IMG
"Bob Dylan is one of the very few people in the history of popular music who you can unquestionably apply that word [genius] to." Steve Earle. IMG
"It was such an amazing time for music in the Sixties. When popular music hit me, it was like magic was in the air." Ozzy Osbourne. IMG
"I play popular songs. This is not some obscure, unusual music. This is popular music." Frank Fairfield. IMG
"I am not concerned about the 80 BMP consistency law of popular music. I'm concerned with other things, and they're very valid." Doseone. IMG
"My own personal theory is that all popular music, in whatever form it is, to me, it all comes from Africa. Whether it's filtered through America or whatever - African-American. But I still think there's something in that roots music that's very, very African, and I think that's what unites people." Paul Weller. IMG
"I feel the popular music of a certain time really tells you a lot about what life was like in that period." Paz De La Huerta. IMG
"Popular music sucks so bad right now." Kristin Hersh. IMG
"Popular music has always been rooted in the blues, whether it's Adele or Led Zeppelin or Sam Cooke. It's just the beat that changes." La Reid. IMG
"Without David Bowie, popular music as we know it pretty much wouldn't exist." Moby. IMG
"Keith Richards is the only man who can make the Osbournes look Amish." Robin Williams. IMG
"[Popular music]is all about traveling at the speed of you and elevating the individual as the highest thing in the world." Conor Oberst. IMG
"Popular music is slowly being laid to rest in every conceivable way... the ashes are already about us if we could but notice them." Steven Morrissey. IMG
"After an initial solo album in which the young [Bob] Dylan was just finding his voice (i.e., reinventing himself from the middle-class Robert Zimmerman into a pseudo-hobo Woody Guthrie), Dylan put out two acoustic albums that forever changed popular music." Jay Michaelson. IMG
"We were working in entertainment, in the music industry, with popular music, it was important, but it was something that we also felt was a responsibility." Stephen Mallinder. IMG
"I have found myself deeply, deeply intrigued by the ska-punk scene. It's such an expressive form of popular music, it's so real, it's got so much life: it's the most vital music in the world." David Bowie. IMG
"Van Morrison remains a singer who can be compared to no other in the history of modern popular music." Greil Marcus. IMG
"There's no difference in a lot of people's minds between good musicians and popular musicians." Dweezil Zappa. IMG
"Entertainment isn't just based on the very structured syndrome of European popular music, and it's great that there are so many thousands of people who are of the same opinion." Robert Plant. IMG
"We are living in a time when American popular music is finally being recognized as one of our most successful exports. The demand is huge." Billy Joel. IMG
"I want to produce the best popular music I can." Theophilus London. IMG
"The history of popular music is littered with great partnerships. Rodgers had his Hammerstein, Lennon had his McCartney, and Lloyd Webber had... his photocopier..." Humphrey Lyttelton. IMG
"Every now and again, the alternative culture is cherished by the mainstream for what it is, rather than how it should be, like the mainstream popular music." Thurston Moore. IMG
"Composers are influenced by all the important music in their lives - and I suppose that since radio started playing popular music, that's as likely to be The Beatles or Aphex Twin as it is to be Verdi or Ravel." Jonny Greenwood. IMG
"Ask anyone. If it hadn't been for Elvis, I don't know where popular music would be. He was the one that started it all off, and he was definitely the start of it for me." Elton John. IMG
"We were playing popular music, but we were doing our own arrangements because we were too lazy to sit down and figure out the originals" Tommy Shaw. IMG
"Rap has been a path between cultures in the best tradition of popular music." Jay-Z. IMG
"Youth has many glories, but judgement is not one of them, and no amount of electronic amplification can turn a belch into an aria." Alan Jay Lerner. IMG
"James Brown and Frank Sinatra are two different quantities in the universe. They represent two different experiences of the world." Amiri Baraka. IMG
"The problem of expressing the contributions that Benny Carter has made to popular music is so tremendous it completely fazes me, so extraordinary a musician is he." Duke Ellington. IMG
"I play Irish popular music, yeah? Calling it folk is like putting it in a box. It's a living tradition, you know?" Shane Macgowan. IMG
"Music is so clearly a commodity now. At one point, maybe 20 years ago, there were still some rumblings about keeping the really sacred American popular music out of the hands of corporate advertisers. And those walls have come down, but now I think the logical reaction to that is that you just start making your own music." Eef Barzelay. IMG
"I think we as a band, as individuals, understand that all popular music stems from blues and jazz and even pop, but rock 'n' roll especially comes from blues. What we're trying to do is play rock 'n' roll, but other people call it different things." David Johansen. IMG
"We were fortunate at that time we were working with Virgin, and with Flood, probably more well-known as Brian Eno's engineer now and U2's producer, etc. Even though we weren't working in a strictly popular music area, which was great, we were lucky enough to work with people who were on the cusp of those sort of things." Stephen Mallinder. IMG
"There is the global teenager hypothesis, that what happened in the '60s in America was that there was, the baby boom cohort grew up at the same time that television and popular music grew up, so that we had this carrier frequency that we all tuned into that gave us the feeling of a common culture, even though I was in Phoenix and someone was in Des Moines. That now we are getting the global cohort at the same time we have our first global communications. MTV is everywhere." Howard Rheingold. IMG
"I come from a generation that was surrounded by popular music, but I don't know if anybody's ever going to move the ball forward as far and as fast as the Beatles did." Steven Soderbergh. IMG
"For me personally - because I do it myself - the scoring of a picture is fun. I edit the picture and when I've finished I go into my room and I have many many records - jazz, classical and popular music. And I have this all at my disposal. I don't have to get a composer." Woody Allen. IMG
"It just sort of happened. I wrote like what I'd always read and what was in the movies... I'm sure popular music is supposed to be like this." Warren Zevon. IMG
"There's been a shift: Country music is popular music now. Every other genre wants to come over to our land." Miranda Lambert. IMG
"Very few opera singers in history have been able to cross into popular music." Renee Fleming. IMG
"Explicit material is available in a variety of forums - from popular music to television to the Internet." Tipper Gore. IMG
"In country music the lyric is important and the melodies get a little more complex all the time, and you hear marvelous new singers who are interested in writing and interpreting a lyric and in all form of popular music." Dinah Shore. IMG
"The country experience was more of a departure. When you consider my education and my upbringing, you can see that was more of country rock outgrowth of my popular music aspirations." Tom Wopat. IMG
"It was Muddy Waters who took the Delta blues north to Chicago, electrified the sound, and changed the course of popular music as we know it. That's pretty much the judgment of history, and it is mine as well." Tim Cahill. IMG
"In rap, as in most popular lyrics, a very low standard is set for rhyme; but this was not always the case with popular music." James Fenton. IMG
"Teen pop will never die as long as there are teens and popular music. It just takes a different head." Justin Timberlake. IMG
"Have you listened to the radio lately? Have you heard the canned, frozen and processed product being dished up to the world as American popular music today?" Billy Joel. IMG
"Bill Withers, Van Morrison and Marvin Gaye are pioneers in popular music for the last century, and these are people who have influenced me as well, so it's pretty flattering. I've got a long way to go to reach anywhere near what those guys have done. But it's a good encouragement." Michael Kiwanuka. IMG
"There is no essential difference between classical and popular music. Music is music. I want to communicate with the listener who finds Indian classical music remote." Amjad Ali Khan. IMG
"Bob Geldof is a nauseating character. Band Aid was the most self-righteous platform ever in the history of popular music." Steven Morrissey. IMG
"I remember when I was very young, I read an article by Fats Domino which has really influenced me. He said, 'You should never sing the lyrics out very clearly." Mick Jagger. IMG
"I think there's a weird self-affirmation thing that happens in popular music in general. It seems like every song I hear on the radio is like, "Listen to me roar!" or "This is my fight song!"" Conor Oberst. IMG
"It doesn't take long to sum up the major theses of most popular music: he loves me; he left me; I need him; I needed him, but now I need his best friend. Rather limited scope." Holly Near. IMG


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