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"Prayer is an act of love. Words are not needed." Teresa of Avila. IMG
"No act of love is ever wasted." Geneen Roth. IMG
"Education is an act of love, and thus an act of courage" Paulo Freire. IMG
"There is a striking resemblance between the act of love and the ministrations of a torturer." Angela Carter. IMG
"Your work should be an act of love, not a marriage of convenience." Haruki Murakami. IMG
"The act of love is a confession." Albert Camus. IMG
"Writing is an act of cherishing... It is an act of love." Julia Cameron. IMG
"Civil disobedience is an act of love." Tim DeChristopher. IMG
"The song is about asserting yourself and reclaiming your humanity through an act of love." Hozier. IMG
"There is no act of love that is not an act of work or courage. No exceptions." M Scott Peck. IMG
"The act of love strongly resembles torture or surgery." Charles Baudelaire. IMG
"All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals" Doreen Valiente. IMG
"Listening is an act of love. When you listen to people, you are communicating non-verbally that they are important to you." Jim George. IMG
"In the act of love, as in photography, there is a form of life and a kind of slow death," Nobuyoshi Araki. IMG
"Everything we do is either an act of love or a cry for help." Marianne Williamson. IMG
"Cooking is an act of love, a gift, a way of sharing with others the little secrets - 'piccoli segreti' - that are simmering on the burners." Sophia Loren. IMG
"Prayer is an act of love; words are not needed. Even if sickness distracts from thoughts, all that is needed is the will to love." Teresa of Avila. IMG
"All human behavior is either an act of love or a cry for love." Stan Dale. IMG
"To tell the truth is an act of love. To withhold the truth is an act of hate. Or worse, apathy." Gene Kim. IMG
"Let us thank all those who teach in Catholic schools. Educating is an act of love; it is like giving life." Pope Francis. IMG
"I am convinced the greatest act of love we can ever perform for people is to tell them about God's love for them in Christ." Billy Graham. IMG
"The creation of a work of art, like an act of love, is our one small 'yes' at the center of a vast 'no.'" Gore Vidal. IMG
"One might have supposed that the true act of love was to lie together and talk." Mary Renault. IMG
"No matter how well-meaning your intention, doing too much is not always an act of love but of sabotage." Judith Orloff. IMG
"You have a unique message to deliver, a unique song to sing, a unique act of love to bestow. This message, this song, and this act of love have been entrusted exclusively to the one and only you." John Powell. IMG
"Every act of love is a work of peace no matter how small." Mother Teresa. IMG
"The Eucharist is a never-ending sacrifice. It is the Sacrament of love, the supreme love, the act of love." Katharine Drexel. IMG
"Let My worship be in the heart that rejoices, for behold, all acts of love and pleasure are My rituals." Doreen Valiente. IMG
"A work of art is an act of love. Critics are crab lice." David Gerrold. IMG
"Rancher Bundy should've told the feds that those were Mexican cows - who came across the border illegally to seek better grazing opportunities. It was an act of love." Todd Starnes. IMG
"Faith in God is an opening up, a letting go, a deep trust, a free act of love - but sometimes it was so hard to love." Yann Martel. IMG
"When Jesus looked down from the cross, he didn't think "I am giving myself to you because you are so attractive to me." No, he was in agony, and he looked down at us - denying him, abandoning him, and betraying him - and in the greatest act of love in history, he STAYED. He said, "Father, forgive them, they don't know what they are doing." He loved us, not because we were lovely to him, but to make us lovely." Timothy Keller. IMG
"Like the Good Samaritan, may we not be ashamed of touching the wounds of those who suffer, but try to heal them with concrete acts of love." Pope Francis. IMG
"You reap what you sow - not something else, but that. An act of love makes the soul more loving. A deed of humbleness deepens humbleness. The thing reaped is the very thing sown, multiplied a hundred fold. You have sown a seed of life, you reap life everlasting." Frederick William Robertson. IMG
"All women love semi-rape. They love to be taken.It was his sweet brutality against my bruised body that made his act of love so piercingly wonderful." Ian Fleming. IMG
"Most people think the biggest sacrifice, the greates act of love you can give is to die for someone. And probably it is. But Sometimes it is the opposite. The biggest thing you can do for someone is to live." Sarah Wylie. IMG
"Excessive caution destroys the soul and the heart, because living is an act of courage, and an act of courage is always an act of love." Paulo Coelho. IMG
"It was my last act of love (first words to her mother in the hospital after her first major suicide attempt)" Sylvia Plath. IMG
"Mission is a duty about which one must say 'Woe to me if I do not evangelize' (1 Corinthians 9:16)...redemption and mission are acts of love [because] those who proclaim the Gospel participate in the charity of Christ." Pope Benedict Xvi. IMG
"When you cook it should be an act of love. To put a frozen bag in the microwave for your child is an act of hate." Raymond Blanc. IMG
"Every act of reverence, every genuflection that you make before the Blessed Sacrament is important because it is an act of faith in Christ, and act of love for Christ. And every sign of the cross and gesture of respect made each time you pass a church is also an act of faith." Pope John Paul Ii. IMG
"Your ordinary acts of love and hope point to the extraordinary promise that every human life is of inestimable value." Desmond Tutu. IMG
"My mother is not a model. She is not perfect. That awareness is part of learning to love someone. Predicting the actions of someone is an act of love. We persist, even when we get it wrong. That's the beauty of love." Daniel Tammet. IMG
"Accustom yourself continually to make many acts of love, for they enkindle and melt the soul." Teresa of Avila. IMG
"It's forgiveness that makes us what we are. Without forgiveness, our species would've annihilated itself in endless retributions. Without forgiveness, there would be no history. Without that hope, there would be no art, for every work of art is in some way an act of forgiveness. Without that dream, there would be no love, for every act of love is in some way a promise to forgive. We live on because we can love, and we love because we can forgive." Gregory David Roberts. IMG
"Let my worship be within the heart that rejoices, for behold, all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals. Therefore, let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you." Doreen Valiente. IMG
"This act of total surrender is not merely a fantastic intellectual and mystical gamble; it is something much more serious. It is an act of love for this unseen person, who, in the very gift of love by which we surrender ourselves to his reality also makes his presence known to us." Thomas Merton. IMG
"Why do children love to hide and seek? Ask any person who has a passion to explore and discover and create. The choice to hide so many wonders from you is an act of love that is a gift inside the process of life." William P Young. IMG
"Meditation is not a technique to master; it is the highest form of prayer, a naked act of love and effortless surrender into the silent abyss beyond all knowing" Adyashanti. IMG
"Our illusions-the beliefs we hold on to-are the very doorways to our freedom. We simply have to enter through them without grasping or pushing away. We must not believe them, but we must not run away from them either. We need to see each moment of apparent bondage as an invitation to freedom. Then it becomes an act of love, an act of compassion, to stop running away." Adyashanti. IMG
"The great acts of love are done by those who are habitually performing small acts of kindness." Victor Hugo. IMG
"Cooking done with care is an act of love." Craig Claiborne. IMG
"Faith in God is an opening up, a letting go, a deep trust, a free act of love-but sometimes it was so hard to love. Sometimes my heart was sinking so fast with anger, desolation and weariness, I was afraid it would sink to the very bottom of the Pacific and I would not be able to lift it back up." Yann Martel. IMG
"The only way of full knowledge lies in the act of love; this act transcends thought, it transcends words. It is the daring plunge into the experience of union. To love somebody is not just a strong feeling-it is a decision, it is a judgment, it is a promise." Erich Fromm. IMG
"Dream big & have huge ambition, but never forget life is lived in small moments and sustained by simple acts of love." Cory Booker. IMG
"Sexuality, and sexual orientation - regardless of orientation - is just natural. An act of sex is one of the most human things. But an organization like the church, say, through its doctrine, would undermine humanity by successfully teaching shame about sexual orientation - that it is sinful, or that it offends God. The song is about asserting yourself and reclaiming your humanity through an act of love." Hozier. IMG
"The truth is that, no matter what kind of game you find yourself in, no matter how good or bad the luck, you can change your life completely with a single thought or a single act of love" Gregory David Roberts. IMG
"Listening is a rare happening among human beings. You cannot listen to the word another is speaking if you are preoccupied with your appearance, or with impressing the other, or are trying to decide what you are going to say when the other stops talking, or are debating about whether what is being said is true or relevant or agreeable. Such matters have their place, but only after listening to the word as the word is being uttered. Listening is a primitive act of love in which a person gives himself to another's word, making himself accessible and vulnerable to that word." William Stringfellow. IMG
"Because love is an act of courage, not of fear, love is a commitment to others. No matter where the oppressed are found, the act of love is commitment to their cause-the cause of liberation." Paulo Freire. IMG
"An act of love, a voluntary taking on oneself of some of the pain of the world, increases the courage and love and hope of all." Dorothy Day. IMG


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