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"I like a lot of metal music. So that's really what I listen to a lot. Or I listen to a lot of kind of off the cuff, like I love artists like Santigold, or Gold Frapp. Yeah. Pelican. Yeah." Jada Pinkett Smith. IMG
"I have tons of friends in the heavy-metal music world, and just going to see them inspires me." Kerry King. IMG
"Headbangers' are people who like heavy-metal music, which is performed by skinny men with huge hair who stomp around the stage, striking their instruments and shrieking angrily, apparently because somebody has stolen all their shirts." Dave Barry. IMG
"I like playing heavy metal music and pretending I'm a vampire in front of the mirror." Luke Mably. IMG
"Pop music, disco music, and heavy metal music is about shutting out the tensions of life, putting it away." Peter Tork. IMG
"The United States military is now using the music of Metallica and other heavy metal bands to break the will of Saddam Hussein supporters to get them to talk. Theyre blaring heavy metal music at them. That should make the artist feel pretty good, huh? Put your heart and soul into your last CD and the Army is using it to torture people." Jay Leno. IMG


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