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"In the matrimonial life of the Jewish male every day is Yom Kippur." Howard Jacobson. IMG
"There's no male Oprah." Denis Leary. IMG
"I have a lot of male friends." Joan Collins. IMG
"I'm male. You rubbed your...femaleness all over me. I didn't think. I reacted." Tessa Dare. IMG
"There are no dumb male questions. There are dumb males, but not dumb male questions." Brooke Shields. IMG
"There's only so much you can do with a male voice in dance music." Calvin Harris. IMG
"Power is neither male or female." Michael Crichton. IMG
"Everyone is into male grooming." Kevin Pietersen. IMG
"Personally, I have never wished I were a male novelist." Curtis Sittenfeld. IMG
"The only male singer who I've seen besides myself and who's better than me-that is Michael Jackson." Frank Sinatra. IMG
"Badly gotten, badly spent. [Lat., Male partum, male disperit.]" Plautus. IMG
"Stubborn, snarly male." Anne Bishop. IMG
"You don't bite the women of other males." Sarah J. Maas. IMG
"If God is male, then the male is God." Mary Daly. IMG
"There was an art to the male posterior. That's all there was to it." Sarah Addison Allen. IMG
"Males are the most incomprehensible species." Rachel Cohn. IMG
"I've always had mostly gay male friends." Melissa Mccarthy. IMG
"I was the only male of the Arnaz family in my generation." Desi Arnaz. IMG
"I really don't separate male from female ever with music, I really don't." Marnie Stern. IMG
"I have almost never been compared to male writers in any review. All women." Kate Zambreno. IMG
"The average full-time working male works more than a full-time working female." Warren Farrell. IMG
"The male cannot bear very much humiliation; and he really cannot bear it, it obliterates him." James A Baldwin. IMG
"There are also the people too bizarre to ignore, like Kyle Simpson. Future male stripper." Jay Asher. IMG
"Most males do not mature, they simply grow taller." Christina Dodd. IMG
"Politics is traditionally a male domain in Russia." Alexei Navalny. IMG
"I was a tomboy and most of my close friends were male." S E Hinton. IMG
"I am a metrosexual and into male grooming - I moisturise, I exfoliate." Gary Kemp. IMG
"The venture community is largely male." Sandra Lerner. IMG
"I have no prejudice against male or female." John Lone. IMG
"It is not male hatred of women but male fear of women that is the great universal." Camille Paglia. IMG
"Anytime I am around a male body part it is kind of exiting." Nicole Richie. IMG
"I AM a male chauvinist. Who's been saying otherwise?" Joe Bob Briggs. IMG
"I had both male and female heroes." Sally Ride. IMG
"Theres nothing so unattractive as vanity... particularly male vanity." Rafe Spall. IMG
"The passenger train is like the male teat - neither useful nor ornamental." James J Hill. IMG
"Female cats are very Lascivious, and make advances to the male." Aristotle. IMG
"He's a male chauvinistic piglet." Betty Friedan. IMG
"It's been a secret too long, but I'm actually a straight male." Darren Criss. IMG
"No male writer is likely to be asked to sit on a panel addressing itself to the special problems of a male writer." Margaret Atwood. IMG
"She's wearing a ring that I bought on sale, and that makes her the property of this U.S. Male." Jerry Reed. IMG
"You will hardly conquer, but conquer you must. [Lat., Male vincetis, sed vincite.]" Ovid. IMG
"We kept the old male ideas of success: power and money. We need new ones!" Zosia Mamet. IMG
"An adult male weighs at least 200 pounds" Mark Rippetoe. IMG
"John? As it was dark he whistled a what. You are such a male of worth, you know that. You really are." J.R. Ward. IMG
"You can't expect everything to happen all at once when it's been such a male-dominated world for so long." Reed Morano. IMG
"You can't bond with a male until you set your parents free." Robert Mandel. IMG
"Deeds are males, words females are." Sir John Davies. IMG
"Power is neither male nor female." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. IMG
"I had an obsession that I was male characters from movies." Illeana Douglas. IMG
"The male quality is the creative gift." Gerard Manley Hopkins. IMG
"I happen to have worked with male directors who don't understand women at all. Not at all. I'm flabbergasted by their ignorance." Catherine Mccormack. IMG
"He who is guilty of unseemliness with males will be under discipline for the same time as adulterers." Saint Basil. IMG
"Ain't but one kind of blues and that consists of a male and female that's in love." Son House. IMG
"It's been a secret too long, but I'm actually a straight male." Darren Criss. IMG
"I do' think there's any such thing as male objectification" Joe Manganiello. IMG
"When the two shall be one, the outside as the inside, and the male and the female neither male nor female." Clement of Alexandria. IMG
"Adult males are what their moms designed them." Ralph Waldo Emerson. IMG
"Many comedians - both male and female - do have an "I will never date another comedian" rule." Chris Gethard. IMG
"Objectivity is just male subjectivity." Jonathan Coe. IMG
"Sinatra, in my opinion, is possibly the greatest male singer of all time." George Strait. IMG


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