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"I wanted to make a very cohesive-sounding album. Anyone who has listened to me and brought me into their living rooms and their bedrooms - I am making this for them." Kevin Drew. IMG
"In America, the distance between wanting something and having it delivered to your living room is not terribly great." Gary Shteyngart. IMG
"When things don't work well in the bedroom, they don't work well in the living room either." William H. Masters. IMG
"It's something I want to do going forward - make a movie that is commercial and universal and will play in any movie theater or living room in the States or the UK, but is definitively Canadian. I don't think there's such a thing as prohibitively Canadian." Jay Baruchel. IMG
"Going back to that idea that painting sits still and that we give ourselves over to it over time. There's a difference between living with - imagine if this were sitting in your living room for 15 years. You'd probably understand the contours of it." Kehinde Wiley. IMG
"I come from television where I feel like I'm in people's living rooms every day so it's not crazy for me to think that like a ten year old would know, but, I don't know." Mila Kunis. IMG
"I'm a lot happier in people's living rooms weekly than I think I would be if I was really, really relying on a movie career to keep me fulfilled and excited." Ben Feldman. IMG
"Rick Rubin said, well, I don't know that we will sell records. He said, I would like you to go with me and sit in my living room with a guitar and two microphones and just sing to your heart's content everything you ever wanted to record. I said, that sounds good to me. So I did that. And day after day, three weeks, I sang for him." Johnny Cash. IMG
"This notion that you hear from his surrogates and his fans throughout the campaign - "Trump tells it like it is; he's a straight shooter" - that through line comes in large part because this is a man who was welcomed into people's living rooms every week for nearly a decade." Jennifer Pozner. IMG
"Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but the living room in your fortified compound." Kurt Vonnegut. IMG
"I've always wanted to have a radio show. It has been a dream of mine for a long time. With a radio show I can sit in a studio, or ultimately even sit in my own living room, and talk to hundreds of thousands of people." Marianne Williamson. IMG
"At first, the new owner pretends he never looked at the living room floor." Chuck Palahniuk. IMG
"The best theatre I've done, I've done right here in this living room." Jonathan Frid. IMG
"Television: The device that brings into your living room characters you would never allow in your living room." Red Skelton. IMG
"I did' paint my paintings to hang in some rich guy's living room," Ralph Fasanella. IMG
"When it's me in my living room, it's pretty pure, and then what gets recorded involves more people, and it keeps escalating from there." Liz Phair. IMG
"[Describing his house:] It is a library with living rooms attached." Bernard Berenson. IMG
"I told all kinds of stories about going to Japan, about playing ball with my father... I wanted to record my life in case it was going to end soon. So, I wrote that and it was very comforting to have that practice in the afternoons in my living room. I just wrote about my life." Natalie Goldberg. IMG
"Music is amazing, because you get to take it into your office or your living room or wherever you get to know it, and later you bring all those personal connections into a room with thousands and thousands of people." Sarah Harmer. IMG
"I've got these five-pound weights and a treadmill in the living room. I work out the other parts that have affected my voice: my diaphragm - doctors took mine out in surgery - and my lungs. I've got to build back my legs, too, so I can run across that stage. I've got a lot to do, but I'm going to get out, sing songs and tell the stories." Sharon Jones. IMG
"It is really crucial that folks focus on their own representatives. If you call or write a member who does not represent you, I can tell you that contact is going to be a waste of time. You might as well just talk to yourself in your living room." Ezra G. Levin. IMG
"I'm never going to write a whole paragraph describing what a living room looks like." Steven Amsterdam. IMG
"There's things people say in the barbershop they won't even say in their own living room, because it's just one of those zones where nobody's going to judge you too much about your dumb opinion." Ice Cube. IMG
"Dancing - however you do it, even if it's in your living room - is a great workout." Ciara. IMG
"Do you all have a living room floor or a bedroom floor? Then you can write a book." Patricia Reilly Giff. IMG
"A child's mind is its living room; it's is going to be residing there for the rest of its earthly existence." Tom Robbins. IMG
"I like to perform live like we're all just hanging out in my living room. I'm totally casual and informal on stage." Kate Voegele. IMG
"I spent so much time in my bedroom. It really was my entire world. I had books up there, my music up there, my record player. Going from my world upstairs out onto the street, I had to pass through this no-man's-land of the living room, you know, and out the front hall." David Bowie. IMG
"The living room should be a place where we feel totally at ease - temple of the soul." Terence Conran. IMG
"If we'd put them in a vase in the living room, they would have been everyone's flowers. I wanted them to be my flowers." John Green. IMG
"A person could see a lot without ever leaving his own living room. Especially if he had the right tools." Stephen King. IMG
"This is a pretty shitty flash mob. It's in my living room, only my family showed up, and they're just telling me to stop drinking." Megan Amram. IMG
"Perl doesn't have an infatuation with enforced privacy. It would prefer that you stayed out of its living room because you weren't invited, not because it has a shotgun" Larry Wall. IMG
"Paul patted Mrs. O'Leary's snout. The living room shook -BOOM, BOOM, BOOM-which either meant a SWAT team was breaking down the door or Mrs. O'Leary was wagging her tail. I couldn't help but smile." Rick Riordan. IMG
"I love people and psychology. As a writer, I'm not so interested in Fred getting from the living room to the car. I want to go inside Fred's soul and play there." Dorianne Laux. IMG
"If you had the ceiling falling down in your living room, would you not go and have a repair?" Carmen Dell'Orefice. IMG
"I didn't paint my paintings to hang in some rich guy's living room," Ralph Fasanella. IMG
"For how many generations now had his people been turning their backs on things? How long had they sat in their living rooms and watched other people die?" Clare B. Dunkle. IMG
"And right now, you two jackwagons are right in the middle of my living room and I'm coming to take out the trash." John Cena. IMG
"An Edward Povey hangs in my living room and every day I am reminded of his originality, his beauty, and the eternal promise of his craft." Kate Mulgrew. IMG
"With my hand in his, I looked at all the apartment buildings with rushes of love, peering in the wide streetside windows that revealed living rooms painted in dark burgandies and matte reds." Aimee Bender. IMG
"The notion of making the television - the very thing that we allow into our living room and our kid's bedroom - something that's potentially dangerous, to me, is just so incredibly delicious that I can't tell you." Rockne S. O'Bannon. IMG
"Television is where you watch people in your living room that you would not want near your house." Groucho Marx. IMG
"I love people and psychology. As a writer, I'm not so interested in Fred getting from the living room to the car. I want to go inside Fred's soul and play there." Dorianne Laux. IMG
"Life after death is the elephant in the living room, the one that we are not supposed to notice." Dinesh D'Souza. IMG
"Tom Osborne, Lou Holtz, Bobby Bowden were in our living room. My mom didn't know who they were!" Hines Ward. IMG
"My sister had her own room. She also had innumerable boyfriends. I had a yo-yo collection that was beyond belief, and the reason I had it was mostly that I would stand in the doorway of the living room watching her and her boyfriend. Finally she caught on how to get this kid out of the way. Give him a yo-yo!" Maurice Sendak. IMG
"I think these debates coming up are going to be a test of who the American people like better, who they want in their living room more, who they think is better capable of being president of the United States." Rudy Giuliani. IMG
"I don't really sit in the sun I have a flagstone terrace surrounding the swimming pool and just carrying the script from the office to the living room gives me an instant suntan." Lester Persky. IMG
"God knows just the place where you'll be placed. He has a barren living room in desperate need of warmth and joy. A corner of the world needs some color. He selected you with that place in mind." Max Lucado. IMG
"One of my earliest memories was President [J.F.] Kennedy's funeral. I actually remember sitting on the floor in the living room looking at our black-and-white television and watching the caisson roll by and hearing the clip-clop of the horses. It's actually one of my earliest memories." Mike Pence. IMG
"??When I walk across my living room from my chimney to my window, it takes me 10 seconds, but for a bird it takes one second, and for oxygen zero seconds!" Jean-Claude Van Damme. IMG
"There's something so sweet about being on your yoga mat, whether that be at Jivamukti, Dharma Mittra, or in my living room." Stephanie Ellis. IMG
"I always loved watching and reading family-friendly mysteries growing up, like the shows Murder, She Wrote and Nancy Drew, and am thrilled to be bringing these New York Times best-selling books right into your living room on the small screen." Candace Cameron. IMG
"You think about, like, [20th-century classical composers] Alban Berg, Schoenberg, and Webern sitting around in some living room in Vienna and being like, "We are the end of music. We are the end of this tradition. Music is done."" David Longstreth. IMG
"Everyone's chest is a living room wall with awkwardly placed photographs hiding fist-shaped holes." Andrea Gibson. IMG
"I'd like to have the kind of house someday where a carousel horse wouldn't be out of place in the living room." Jay Mcinerney. IMG
"If the coyote's in your living room pissing on your couch, it's not the coyote's fault. It's your fault for not shooting him." Ted Nugent. IMG
"Haven't you felt a peculiar sort of worry about the chair in your living room that no one sits in?" Nicholson Baker. IMG
"Unfortunately, when you're an actor you have to act. It's not like you can sit in your living room, your bedroom, your study or whatever and act with yourself. It requires having somebody to respond to." Chris Sarandon. IMG


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