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"Don't go to the circus." Angie Sage. IMG
"I am sad, sad as a circus-lioness..." Jean Rhys. IMG
"The circus is the only fun you can buy that is good for you." Ernest Hemingway. IMG
"A director is the ringmaster of a circus that's inventing itself." Francis Ford Coppola. IMG
"A chess tournament disguised as a circus." John Connally. IMG
"In a way, all actors are gypsies, or much like a traveling circus." Danny Huston. IMG
"So many FREAKS and not enough CIRCUSES!" Rachel Renee Russell. IMG
"We're all going to die, all of us, what a circus!" Charles Bukowski. IMG
"Word gets around when the circus comes to town, don't it?" Cormac Mccarthy. IMG
"We didn't reinvent the circus. We repackaged it in a much more modern way." Guy Laliberte. IMG
"All I say is, if you cannot ride two horses you have no right in the circus." James Maxton. IMG
"What can I tell you about things like Circus of Horrors except that I get killed by the bear?" Donald Pleasence. IMG
"Yoga is an internal practice. the rest is just a circus." K. Pattabhi Jois. IMG
"The two-headed boy in the circus never had such a headache." W C Fields. IMG
"Life is a circus ring, with some moments more spectacular than others." Janusz Korczak. IMG
"I have become rather like King Midas, except that everything turns not into gold but into a circus." Albert Einstein. IMG
"The circus arrives without warning." Erin Morgenstern. IMG
"Something about the circus stirs their souls, and they ache for it when it is absent." Erin Morgenstern. IMG
"My class is not a three ring circus." Hetty King. IMG
"Well, I bought a ticket to the circus. I don't know why I was surprised to see elephants." Norris Church Mailer. IMG
"The thing that's interesting about wire walking is that we never get to see it other than looking up. It's like a circus thing. It's a guy on a wire." Robert Zemeckis. IMG
"I was driving pretty much the way everyone drives in LA, like elephants dancing on each others" backs at a circus." Gary Reilly. IMG
"I always wanted to play baseball and join the circus. Now I have both." Graig Nettles. IMG
"If you can't ride two horses at once, you shouldn't be in the circus." James Maxton. IMG
"I hate clowns and I would never do anything getting near a clown, I can't go to the circus." Ty Simpkins. IMG
"Mother elephants in the circus cannot help their babies, but we can," Edie Falco. IMG
"What's brown and sounds like a bell? DUNG!" Eric Idle. IMG
"Kat had been picking things up since her third birthday, when Hamish and Angus's father took them all to the circus because he needed to "borrow" an elephant." Ally Carter. IMG
"Damn everything but the circus" Corita Kent. IMG
"I was driving pretty much the way everyone drives in LA, like elephants dancing on each others' backs at a circus." Gary Reilly. IMG
"Leap through the Mystery of death as the circus-rider leaps through the papered hoop ... find Life ambling along beneath us on the Other Side." Sidney Lanier. IMG
"Jesus Alou is in the on-deck circus." Jerry Coleman. IMG
"I reckon if I ever marry, she will have to be a strong woman in a circus or something." Robert E Howard. IMG
"You can get the monkey off your back, but the circus never leaves town" Anne Lamott. IMG
"We came here for a small, informal meeting. We find you've turned it into a circus. Well, if you're going to have a circus, you've got to have elephants." Robert A Heinlein. IMG
"I have been treated as a freak, rather like the fat lady at the circus." Margaret Hughes. IMG
"But for the use of physical punishment by, and fear of their oppressors, animals would never be a part of a circus." Richard Pryor. IMG
"I don't think the media circus has ever been a shock to my life seeing as I was with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor when I was 17." Francesca Annis. IMG
"Clowns are the pegs on which the circus is hung." P T Barnum. IMG
"But the soul of touring and the heart of it is basically every day is like putting up a circus tent." Pat Benatar. IMG
"I'm in the retail business, not the circus business." Philip Green. IMG
"I enjoy being a hyphenate. I've always thought of my career as a plate spinner in the circus." Neil Patrick Harris. IMG
"Most people don't know that wrestling came out of the circus." Billy Corgan. IMG
"For a long time, I debated about whether I would make movies or join the circus and work as a clown." Denis Lavant. IMG
"Nobody should try to play comedy unless they have a circus going on inside." Ernst Lubitsch. IMG
"Why the hell shouldn't I run away with the circus?" Sara Gruen. IMG
"I want to be a traveling circus in that big-league uniform, like everybody else." Dontrelle Willis. IMG
"Marriage is a good deal like a circus: there is not as much in it as is represented in the advertising." E W Howe. IMG
"I don't want to end up being a circus act, doing my most famous tricks when I'm 70." Pharrell Williams. IMG
"So far as the colleges go, the sideshows are swallowing up the circus." Woodrow Wilson. IMG
"The circus itself is my personal ideal entertainment venue." Erin Morgenstern. IMG
"One day the good times had to keep on rolling, and all of life's horseshit would turn to circuses." Christopher Moore. IMG
"The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there, when yesterday it was not." Erin Morgenstern. IMG
"The most difficult thing to read is time. Maybe because it changes so many things." Erin Morgenstern. IMG
"Everything I have done, every change I have made to that circus, every impossible feat and astounding sight, I have done for her." Erin Morgenstern. IMG
"Most maidens are perfectly capable of rescuing themselves in my experience, at least the ones worth something, in any case." Erin Morgenstern. IMG
"I'm divorced and I've been to the circus and seen the clowns. This ain't my first rodeo." Naomi Judd. IMG
"Yaron has elevated the way Australia perceives circus, both nationally and internationally ... I mean remarkable." Cate Blanchett. IMG
"The circus doesn't stop. A federal appeals court has postponed the recall election. How stupid are we? Even our recalls get recalled." Jay Leno. IMG
"OK, the rule is, you can [make love to] an elephant if you want to, but if you do you can't cover the circus." A. M. Rosenthal. IMG


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