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"I had rather live with cheese and garlic in a windmill." William Shakespeare. IMG
"In the wintertime I like macaroni and cheese." Jami Attenberg. IMG
"I love Velveeta cheese." Dolly Parton. IMG
"Remember that there are hundreds of thousands of things you can eat that are not cheese." Dave Matthews. IMG
"I'll try anything...I'll even try Limburger cheese!" Thomas A Edison. IMG
"Oh, and I suppose the apples ate the cheese." Suzanne Collins. IMG
"How are you feeling?" "Like someone massaged me with a cheese grater." -Clary & Simon, pg.297-" Cassandra Clare. IMG
"Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries." Regina George. IMG
"Robbie Keane was like the cat that got the cheese" Stan Collymore. IMG
"Of harmes two the lesse is for to cheese." Geoffrey Chaucer. IMG
"It was all cheese and applause." Charles De Lint. IMG
"The misers cheese is wholesomest" Benjamin Franklin. IMG
"I'm anti-cheese in a salad." Larry David. IMG
"In baiting a mousetrap with cheese, always leave room for the mouse." Hector Hugh Munro. IMG
"all i mac and cheese" Kurt Cobain. IMG
"We get a lot of cheese, no mice with that." Nicki Minaj. IMG
"I eat Swiss cheese from the inside out." Steven Wright. IMG
"Only thing I am testing positive for is Pasta or Cheese." Joe Lauzon. IMG
"What is a harp but an oversized cheese slicer with cultural pretensions?" Denis Norden. IMG
"A hexagonal piece of cheese is a lot better than a square piece of cheese," Hod Lipson. IMG
"Age doesn't matter, unless your cheese." Jean Paul. IMG
"Aristrocracy is like cheese. The older it is the higher it becomes." David Lloyd George. IMG
"Photographers have already photographed everything too many times, except cheese." Bill Jay. IMG
"Or, as I call it, a Cheesel, it's a Weasel with a Cheese finish." Bill Bailey. IMG
"The More Important Your Cheese Is To You The More You Want To Hold On To It." Spencer Johnson. IMG
"Good cheese needs good companions." James Beard. IMG
"A slice of pie without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze." Stephen King. IMG
"Under Hitler or Stalin a Goral [Tatra-highlander] could choose to produce oscypek [smoked cheese] however he preferred. Nowadays the EU official is watching him." Janusz Korwin-Mikke. IMG
"I don't eat celery. I eat raw milk, cheeses." Carol Alt. IMG
"My mother and I, our favorite part of any baked pasta is the top, where the cheese gets crusty." Giada De Laurentiis. IMG
"I like to eat cheese out of a bowl everyday." Willow Smith. IMG
"My favorite food is macaroni and cheese that my grandma makes. My favorite drink has to be Vita Coco coconut water." Sloane Stephens. IMG
"I love cheese and biscuits, the stronger the better." Eric Bristow. IMG
"I'm like a good cheese. I'm just getting mouldy enough to be interesting." Paul Newman. IMG
"If the Devil's in yer pants make cheese with him." Jason Kravits. IMG
"God defend me from that Welsh fairy, Lest he transform me to a piece of cheese!" William Shakespeare. IMG
"To a mouse, cheese is cheese. That is why mouse traps are effective." Wendell Johnson. IMG
"You have to be a romantic to invest yourself, your money, and your time in cheese." Anthony Bourdain. IMG
"Willy Loman: I don't want change, I want Swiss cheese!" Arthur Miller. IMG
"Never commit yourself to a cheese without having first examined it." T S Eliot. IMG
"I don't say that bodies like flint, which are commonly called inanimate, have perceptions and appetition; rather they have something of that sort in them, as worms are in cheese." Gottfried Leibniz. IMG
"The real question is should we trust people who don't like cheese?" Jim Gaffigan. IMG
"What if I couldn't read? I wouldn't be able to text my friends movie times or even order cheese biscuits from Red Lobster!" Aziz Ansari. IMG
"You can't bring a duffel bag that says 'I Heart Cheese' on it, that's just offensive." Lauren Barnholdt. IMG
"Never read Who Moved My Cheese in the workplace when you can read The Joy of Not Working." Barack Obama. IMG
"When cheese gets its picture taken, what does it say?" George Carlin. IMG
"I eat swiss cheese. But I only nibble on it. I make the holes bigger." Steven Wright. IMG
"Sometimes it's good just to be seduced by the particular cheeses spread out in front of you on a cheese counter." Nigella Lawson. IMG
"Cheese has always been a food that both sophisticated and simple humans love." M F K Fisher. IMG
"Your test had cheese meteor questions?" - Bex to Liz." Ally Carter. IMG
"Now he knew: They were real. Who"d make up a thing like this? Okay, one of them was a cheese that rolled around of its own accord, but nobody was perfect." Terry Pratchett. IMG
"I'm very severe with myself and sometimes I miss French cheese, but in your world it's not exactly the same thing." Karl Lagerfeld. IMG
"Cheeses crusty, got all musty, got damp on the stone of a peach." Patricia Briggs. IMG
"It's impossible in normal times to rally a nation that has 265 kinds of cheese." Charles De Gaulle. IMG
"Cheese and salt meat, should be sparingly eat." Benjamin Franklin. IMG
"Cheese, like oil, makes too much of itself." Jerome K Jerome. IMG
"You mightn't happen to have a piece of cheese about you, now? No? Well, many's the long night I've dreamed of cheese-toasted, mostly-and woke up again, and here I were." Robert Louis Stevenson. IMG
"The green tempts me to make the rich the enemy, and take their cheese." The Notorious Big. IMG
"Cheese. The adult form of milk." Richard Condon. IMG
"Forty-seven is nothing at all, nor is any age unless you're a cheese ..." Billie Burke. IMG


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