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"The United States is a rogue state violating international law in many, many ways that California wouldn't have to if it seceded and became a nation." David Swanson. IMG
"The United States believes that every nation should respect international law, including in the South China Sea." Barack Obama. IMG
"I would apply international law and I think we need to be a force for international law." Jill Stein. IMG
"We need to really use the full force of diplomacy. And we need to be seen and understood to be on the side of diplomacy and international law." Jill Stein. IMG
"From Iraq to Guantanamo Bay, international standards and the framework of international law are being given less when they should be given more importance. I am pleased that the courts in the United States are beginning to review what has happened to those detained in Guantanamo Bay. Similarly in Iraq we need to bring our strategies back within the framework of international norms and law." Mary Robinson. IMG
"I would have oriented myself in case of Donald Trump according to what former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder said to then - U.S. President George W. Bush when the Americans launched a war that was in violation of international law. Schroder showed that a German chancellor can act in a clear and self-confident manner toward a U.S. president." Martin Schulz. IMG
"The laws of war right now say that we can respond when our country is threatened. That is what international law says." Jill Stein. IMG
"The sanctions may be imposed only by the decision of the UN Security Council. A unilateral imposition of sanctions is a violation of international law." Vladimir Putin. IMG
"I think we have a very critical role to play, within the spectrum of international law and human rights." Jill Stein. IMG
"According to international law, in order to use force, we need to feel, we need good evidence that we are under imminent threat of actual attack. And I think we need to stand up for international law." Jill Stein. IMG
"A lot of countries break (or go against) the international law..." Noam Chomsky. IMG
"When we talk about the assertion of basically new government privileges with weak or no justification, we don't even have to look at international law to see the failings in them." Edward Snowden. IMG
"Russia's actions on the Crimean Peninsula were a serious violation of international law and of the principles upon which European peace is based. That is why we cannot let pass or ignore what took place." Frank-Walter Steinmeier. IMG
"I fight because international law recognises my right." Xanana Gusmao. IMG
"No country can allow its safety to be wholly dependent on faithful observance by other states of rules to which they are obliged." Arthur Balfour. IMG
"Gerhard Schroder offered a clear German NEIN to an American president's war of aggression that was in violation of international law. That took courage. Ms. Merkel did not join him at the time. If Trump now begins to take the wrecking ball to our set of values, we must say clearly: That is not our approach." Martin Schulz. IMG
"The justice of a war basically refers to the question whether there is a right to attack in the first place. Justice in a war is concerned with whether the fighting happens in accordance with the international laws of war." Norman Finkelstein. IMG
"[Donald Trump] suggestions are not only offensive but, in certain cases, dangerous and sometimes even illegal, like his dismissal of the laws of the United States international law when it comes to torture." Hillary Clinton. IMG
"If somebody prefers to work by means of sanctions, he is welcome to do so. But sanctions are a temporary measure. Firstly, they contradict the international law. Secondly, tell me where this policy of sanctions proved to be effective. The answer is nowhere." Vladimir Putin. IMG
"Of course one always has to follow international law. This was also the case in Crimea. According to the Charter of the United Nations, every people has the right to self-determination." Vladimir Putin. IMG
"The United States, therefore, works to ensure that any actions we take are consistent with international laws and norms - including those reflected in the Law of the Sea Convention. It's worth remembering that our presence in the region is nothing new." Barack Obama. IMG
"We don't supply a hundred billion dollars worth of weapons to the war criminals in Saudi Arabia nor do we supply eight million dollars a day to the Israeli army that is also violating international law and human rights." Jill Stein. IMG
"As a person committed to human rights and international law and the right of self-determination, I would like to see the occupation end. And then it is up to the Palestinians themselves to decide what they want." Mairead Corrigan. IMG
"Setting aside human rights and international law to have an agenda of war and killing and occupation to me is totally unacceptable." Mairead Corrigan. IMG
"You cannot cause disproportionate damage to the environment; you cannot harm neutral states. The court said that the threat or use of nuclear weapons is generally contrary to the international law of armed conflict." John Burroughs. IMG
"They don't want to feed an ISIS narrative that there is a religious war between Islam and the Christian West, plus genocide is carefully defined under international law." Tom Gjelten. IMG
"I do think that Magna Carta and international law are worth paying some attention to." Noam Chomsky. IMG
"It was during the Reagan years that defiance of international law and the U.N. Charter became entirely open." Noam Chomsky. IMG
"Pre-emptive war might fall within the framework of international law." Noam Chomsky. IMG
"I think what we need is goodwill because now our struggle is harder because it is an economic struggle. And now Europe is organising itself. So I think there needs to be a rupture between Africa and Europe, and all the international laws being conceived here in the west have to be revisited and changed." Ousmane Sembene. IMG
"The sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions." George Soros. IMG
"International law? I better call my lawyer; he didn't bring that up to me." George W Bush. IMG
"[International law] doesn't show what the Constitution originally meant, and it doesn't show what is fundamentally important to Americans today. It shows what's fundamentally important to somebody else today." Antonin Scalia. IMG
"The just response to this terrible event [9/11] should be to go immediately to the world community, the United Nations. The rule of international law should be marshaled, but it's probably too late because the United States has never done that; it's always gone it alone." Edward Said. IMG
"Whether [Turkey] is a NATO country or not, it doesn't have the right to invade any other country according to the international law or to any other moral value." Bashar al-Assad. IMG
"If you want to control the world you need to control the oil. Therefore the destruction of Iraq is a prerequisite to controlling oil. That means the destruction of the Iraqi national identity, since the Iraqis are committed to their principles and rights according to international law and the U.N. charter." Saddam Hussein. IMG
"It is only up to the Syrian people living in Syria to determine who, how and based on what principles should rule their country, and any external advice would be absolutely inappropriate, harmful and against international law." Vladimir Putin. IMG
"I am the president of 146 million Russians. I have to represent their interests. We are willing to settle this without any conflicts and to search for compromises on the basis of international law." Vladimir Putin. IMG
"I'm very careful not to isolate Israel on this but to make this part of a transformed foreign policy where we apply the same standards across the board. So it's not just Israel. It's also Saudi Arabia, it's also Egypt. It's where there are massive and systemic violations of human rights and international law." Jill Stein. IMG
"You can see our media appearances as well as connect to Our Power to the People Agenda, Our Green New Deal, our plan to abolish student debt and our plan to actually create a whole new foreign policy based on international law and human rights." Jill Stein. IMG
"In order to fight militarism under Hillary Clinton or under Donald Trump, it's very important that we cast a vote on behalf of peace and on international - and a policy based on international law and human rights." Jill Stein. IMG
"We as a human family are on this train that is taking us into more and more war and more and more abuse of human rights where a lot of civilians are being killed and where human rights and international law are being set aside by America and NATO." Mairead Corrigan. IMG
"If we want to expect something from this [Barack Obama] administration, it is not to be weak, to be strong to say that "we don't have evidence," that "we have to obey the international law", that "we have to go back to the Security Council and the United Nations"." Bashar al-Assad. IMG
"People who have been made stateless by military occupation are entitled to repatriation, and then the question is to which state, or to what polity or area? Those who have had their goods taken away are entitled to compensation of some kind. These are basic international laws." Judith Butler. IMG
"The only way out [of international dictatorship] is to place international law above governments, which means [...] that there must be a parliament for making it, and that parliament must be constituted by means of worldwide elections in which all nations will take part." Albert Camus. IMG
"The just response to this terrible event should be to go immediately to the world community, the United Nations. The rule of international law should be marshaled, but it's probably too late because the United States has never done that; it's always gone it alone." Edward Said. IMG
"Most Arabs and Muslims feel that the United States hasn't really been paying much attention to their desires. They think it has been pursuing its policies for its own sake and not according to many of the principles that it claims are its own - democracy, self-determination, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, international law." Edward Said. IMG
"These actions were taken with the support and financing of the United States. How can you say this is part of U.S. adherence to international law and U.N. resolutions? The result is a kind of schizophrenic picture of the United States." Edward Said. IMG
"Governments are mandated by international law to protect people from genocide." Bianca Jagger. IMG
"In fact, the Senkaku Islands are... inherent territory of Japan that is recognized in our history and also by international law." Naoto Kan. IMG
"Armed attack has a definition in international law. It means sudden, overwhelming, instantaneous ongoing attack." Noam Chomsky. IMG
"The land which the Society of Jews will have secured by international law must naturally be privately owned." Theodor Herzl. IMG
"Merkel is a flagship of the EU. Not everything depends on her, but much does. I have been shocked in a positive way by how Merkel is defending international law so openly and strongly. She wants to have peace and stability in the EU, and she knows that Russia is a problem in terms of security. It seems to me that many Germans are led by a certain fear of Russia. So you hear things like, "Let's avoid conflicts with Moscow, let's appease the Kremlin."" Arseniy Yatsenyuk. IMG
"As we respond to the assault of our enemy and defend our country, we must never break international laws. Crime can not be solved by more crime." Meles Zenawi. IMG
"In the corporeal world, international law is whatever the United States and Great Britain say it is." Ann Coulter. IMG
"What else is wrong with 'suicide' bombing? Legally, less than what one might believe. While it may or may not be good strategy, it appears to be permissable under international law." Enver Masud. IMG
"The Russians always base their policies on values, and these values are the sovereignty of other countries, the international law, respecting other people, other cultures, so they don't interfere in whatever is related to the future of Syria or the Syrian people." Bashar al-Assad. IMG
"We always say we have wishful thinking that the Unites States would be unbiased, respect the international law, doesn't interfere in other countries around the world, and of course to stop supporting terrorists in Syria." Bashar al-Assad. IMG
"International law in its counter-hegemonic uses is very important in any domain where issues of legitimacy are significant, but is rarely able to have a corresponding behavioural impact." Richard A. Falk. IMG
"International law now grants rights to all human beings, not only to citizens." Kofi Annan. IMG



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