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"We call for a bailout for an entire generation that is basically held hostage by unpayable student-loan debt." Jill Stein. IMG
"Are you taking my hat hostage?" Derek Landy. IMG
"Rushdie is a hostage." Don Delillo. IMG
"Every happiness is a hostage to fortune." Arthur Helps. IMG
"True love usually results in a hostage situation." Kinky Friedman. IMG
"Alcoholics do' have relationships-they take hostages." Michael Robotham. IMG
"Your pet is not your friend. It is your hostage." Scott Dikkers. IMG
"Oddly enough, I find the best hostages are the live ones. - Karl" Kelley Armstrong. IMG
"Do not let the future be held hostage by the past" Neal A Maxwell. IMG
"You can either be a Host to God, or a Hostage to your ego!" Wayne Dyer. IMG
"God can and will break the labels that have held you hostage." Craig Groeschel. IMG
"Continuity holds the best writer hostage of the worst." Marv Wolfman. IMG
"Children hold us hostage; they represent our commitment to the future." Barbara Grizzuti Harrison. IMG
"In the event of war, I'm a hostage." Woody Allen. IMG
"Before the TRUTH can set you free,you must first recognize which LIES are holding you hostage." Prince Ea. IMG
"Death is a scandal. The machine is functioning, we are all hostages" Elias Canetti. IMG
"You are eternity's hostage A captive of mine." Boris Pasternak. IMG
"What the hell am I doing...? Escape holding myself as a hostage...? I won't be able to make it like that.." Tsugumi Ohba. IMG
"No commandment surpasses the one concerning the liberation of hostages, for they are among the starving, the thirsting, the stripped, always in danger of death." Elie Wiesel. IMG
"We're all time's captives, hostages to eternity." Boris Pasternak. IMG
"I have a wife, I have sons; all these hostages have I given to fortune." F L Lucas. IMG
"We cannot repent for someone else. But we can forgive someone else, refusing to hold hostage those whom the Lord seeks to set free!" Neal A Maxwell. IMG
"It's hard being a hostage in somebody else's mouth - or a character in somebody else's novel." David Antin. IMG
"Has one hostage from Lebanon come back with a photograph of his abductors? Has any hostage ever come back with a photograph of his abductors smiling? I mean, this was so incredible!" Dwight Schultz. IMG
"When death gives us a long lease of life, it takes as hostages all those whom we have loved." Suzanne Curchod. IMG
"You and I both know that as long as our representatives are held hostage to their funders - and their funders are not all of us - our system will not work" Lawrence Lessig. IMG
"Eventually, life of the party is just like any other job. I've thought of myself that way at times, but it's sort of like holding everybody hostage. It diminishes everyone else. And ultimately, your friends don't require it of you." Carrie Fisher. IMG
"I dislike Ted Cruz as much as the next everyone. But that's no reason to be rude to Ted's loving wife and possible hostage." Samantha Bee. IMG
""Bolshoi Babylon" is the work of filmmakers Mark Franchetti and Nicholas Read. Franchetti has been a Moscow-based journalist for 18 years. He won a British Press Award for his coverage of the 2002 Moscow theater siege in which 130 hostages were killed. He's covered Russian politics and the war in Ukraine." Elizabeth Blair Lee. IMG
"I want to express our grieve and condolences to the families of two hostages: one American, Dr. Warren Weinstein and an Italian Giovanni LaPorto who were tragically killed in a U.S. counterterrorism operation." Barack Obama. IMG
"Our bodies hold our minds hostage to their whims and rhythms." Alain De Botton. IMG
"In my family, misery didn't just love company, it wanted hostages." Jerry Stahl. IMG
"Fishing makes us less the hostages to the horrors of making a living." Jim Harrison. IMG
"Alcoholics don't have relationships-they take hostages." Michael Robotham. IMG
"In fact, this is a blackmail of the terrorists at the expense of the suffering of the hostages." Alberto Fujimori. IMG
"In short, it is not that evolutionary naturalists have been less brazen than the scientific creationists in holding science hostage, but rather that they have been infinitely more effective in getting away with it." Phillip E Johnson. IMG
"If people are informed they will do the right thing. It's when they are not informed that they become hostages to prejudice." Charlayne Hunter-Gault. IMG
"I guess my biggest failure was not getting reelected. [The loss taught me] not to ever let American hostages be held for 444 days in a foreign country without extracting them. I did the best I could, but I failed." Jimmy Carter. IMG
"In my mind, continuity means the best writer at a company is held hostage by the worst." Marv Wolfman. IMG
"Primary responsibility for Brexit lies with British conservatives, who took an entire continent hostage." Martin Schulz. IMG
"Out of the millions of people we live among, most of whom we habitually ignore and are ignored by in turn, there are always a few that hold hostage our capacity for happiness, whom we could recognize by their smell alone and whom we would rather die than be without." Alain De Botton. IMG
"No family of an American hostage has ever been prosecuted for paying a ransom for the return of their loved ones. The last thing we should ever do is to add to a family's pain." Mark Steyn. IMG
"Although the District of Columbiahas had a ban on handgun sale and possession since 1976, Washingtonresidents are held hostage by the lax gun laws of surroundingjurisdictions." Josh Sugarmann. IMG
"Art means nothing if it simply decorates the dinner table of power which holds it hostage." Adrienne Rich. IMG
"I will endanger your species like an ostrich, Hold you hostage, and crazy feed you swine sausage!" Busta Rhymes. IMG
"Melancholy held me hostage, and the bees built a hive of sadness in my soul." Laurie Halse Anderson. IMG
"Many of us are being held hostage by bitterness because we are not willing to give to others what we have been given." Tony Evans. IMG
"I could probably have made the head shot from the railing, but with an unfamiliar gun, it was too risky. I didn't want to accidentally shoot the woman in the head. Killing the hostage is always frowned upon." Laurell K Hamilton. IMG
"I remember the last three days that I was president, I never went to bed at all. I never went to bed until we had negotiated the final release of the hostages." Jimmy Carter. IMG
"I believe it's a real tedious hostage negotiation to have a marriage be what it is." Brad Garrett. IMG
"Then came the hostage crisis during which Carter did nothing to rattle the ayatollahs who hung tough until Ronald Reagan was inaugurated, when they suddenly backed down." Alexander Haig. IMG
"America Held Hostage won 24 Emmys for ABC News, but someone forgot to include my name on the list of people responsible for the show." Pierre Salinger. IMG
"Freeing hostages is like putting up a stage set, which you do with the captors, agreeing on each piece as you slowly put it together; then you leave an exit through which both the captor and the captive can walk with sincerity and dignity." Terry Waite. IMG
"There is a thin line between peace of the brave and peace of the hostage... between compromise - even calculated risk - and irresponsibility and capitulation." Ehud Barak. IMG
"If you think we are going to gain ground by holding the American people hostage, saying that their taxes are at risk, I actually disagree." Tom Cole. IMG
"Personal affection is a luxury you can have only after all your enemies are eliminated. Until then, everyone you love is a hostage, sapping your courage and corrupting your judgment." Orson Scott Card. IMG
"In a land of freedom we are held hostage by the tyranny of political correctness." Robert Griffin Iii. IMG
"If rejection destroys your self-esteem, you're letting others hold you as an emotional hostage." Brian Tracy. IMG
"Yes, you're very very old But try to think of it as not being cursed After all, in a hostage situation You'd be released first!" John Walter Bratton. IMG
"A great nation betrayed the principles which have made it great, and thereby became hostage to hostage-takers." Daniel Inouye. IMG


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