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"Cultivate your Futurism. I'll cultivate my Doblinism." Alfred Doblin. IMG
"In visual futurism, the line between total fantasy and futuristic is a thread of reality." Syd Mead. IMG
"We want to sing the love of danger, the habit of energy and rashness." Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. IMG
"If the end of the twentieth century can be characterized by futurism, the twenty-first can be defined by presentism." Douglas Rushkoff. IMG
"If we define Futurism as an exploration beyond accepted limits, then the nature of limiting systems becomes the first object of exploration." Frank Herbert. IMG
"The activities of these parasites and degenerates gave rise to Cubism, Fauvism, Futurism, Pointillism, Constructivism, Orphism, Surrealism, Dada, and also Impossibleism, Supersurrealism, Dynamic Double-Dog Realism, Ishkabibbleism, and Mama, which is like Dada only nicer." Daniel Pinkwater. IMG
"It is from Italy that we are flinging this to the world, our manifesto of burning and overwhelming violence, with which we today establish " Futurism ," for we intend to free this nation from its fetid cancer of professors, archaeologists, tour guides, and antiquarians." Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. IMG
"Futurism is almost like a vaccination. You inject a little bit of a denatured pathogen to prepare your body in case you encounter it for real." Jamais Cascio. IMG
"Futurism today is led by science-fiction writers, by sociologists, by historians. Now, I have nothing against them. I'm sure they do great work. But they're not scientists. They're clueless." Michio Kaku. IMG
"As opposed to a movie [Real Steel] where everything feels fantastical, it was really important to me, and I recognise it's not the first movie with robots in it, but that blend of naturalism in performance, writing and design with the futurism of this sport. That was the idea." Shawn Anthony Levy. IMG
"Futurism and Cubism are comparable in importance tot the invention of perspective, for which they substituted a new concept op space. All subsequent movements were latent in them or brought about by them... the two movements cannot be regarded as in opposition to each other, even though they started from opposite points; I maintain (an idea approved by Apollinaire and later by Matisse) that they are two extremes of the same sign, tending to coincide at certain points which only the poetic instinct of the painter can discover: poetry being the content and raison d'etre of art." Gino Severini. IMG
"A schism in the body social, will not be resolved by any scheme of a return to the good old days (archaism), or by programs guaranteed to render an ideal projected future (futurism), or even by the most realistic, hardheaded work to weld together again the deteriorating elements. Only birth can conquer death - the birth, not of the old thing again, but of something new." Joseph Campbell. IMG
"Ecology movements, futurism, feminism, urbanism, protest and disarmament, personal individuation cannot alone save the world from the catastrophe inherent in our very idea of the world. They require a cosmological vision that saves the phenomenon 'world' itself, a move in soul that goes beyond measures of expediency to the archetypal source of our world's continuing peril: the fateful neglect, the repression, of the anima mundi." James Hillman. IMG


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