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"That's the position I place myself in always. I don't know. It says follow me. It pulls you right through, just by the nose." Leonardo Drew. IMG
"Not follow me but follow the lyrics." Rakim. IMG
"When I'm doing TV, it's more of a choreographed dance, in a way. So I've got to follow the pictures, or the pictures have to follow me." Joe Buck. IMG
"The truths I shun follow me, mumbling." Mason Cooley. IMG
"Don't follow me, I'm lost." U.G. Krishnamurti. IMG
"His voice, even now, follows me everywhere on this longest of rides, this thing called life." Nicholas Sparks. IMG
"As Christ begins to live in us, everything begins to change about us." David Platt. IMG
"Your time will come to follow me Jew" Adolf Eichmann. IMG
"The ones who show up to take, they show up and say, "Hi. My name is Steve. I'm an expert in this and I've studied this and I've worked with these clients." On every single power point presentation, it has their email, their Twitter handle and their Facebook account, so you can follow them. At the end, they tell you, "Please follow me." When you ask them a question, they say, "Well, I could tell you the answer, but you should really just read my book."" Simon Sinek. IMG
"There is magic within, there is magic without. Follow me and you'll learn just what life's all about." Kate Bush. IMG
"The more that you follow me, the more I get lost" Pete Doherty. IMG
"The press follow me. I sue them. That's the deal." Emmanuelle Beart. IMG
"Day in, day out. That same old voodoo follows me about." Johnny Mercer. IMG
"What I love most about achieving whatever Ive achieved is that the Seattle Seahawks follow me on Twitter!" Ross Mathews. IMG
"Follow me," said Karou. As if he could have done anything else." Laini Taylor. IMG
"Put your badass face on and follow me." Ilona Andrews. IMG
"Knackered inmates are easier to control than pumped-up ones. And dead inmates are even easier to control, if you follow me." Alexander Gordon Smith. IMG
"I know death follows me, but I murder him first." Tupac Shakur. IMG
"I ca' control who follows me, but I can control who I follow.[Social Media]" Germany Kent. IMG
"Trouble follows me wherever I go. Thing I'm in is just a sack o'woe." Jon Hendricks. IMG
"Discipleship is not an option. Jesus says that if anyone would come after me, he must follow me." Timothy Keller. IMG
"Don't ever follow me, because I am difficult." Eugene Ormandy. IMG
"Please follow me because I have to follow him and he isn't here." Eugene Ormandy. IMG
"The question each of us must answer is ... What shall I do with Jesus? He Himself has provided us the answer: "Follow me, and do the things which ye have seen me do"" Thomas S Monson. IMG
"Spiritual deception is dangerous -and damning." David Platt. IMG
"To be a Christian is to be loved by God, pursued by God, and found by God." David Platt. IMG
"Christianity is radically different from every other religion in the world." David Platt. IMG
"A leader is not someone who says: Follow me.......A leader is someone who says: I'll go first." Neale Donald Walsch. IMG
"I don't particularly enjoy publicity, it seems to just follow me around." Jayne Mansfield. IMG
"I was assigned a Taliban "minder" who followed me everywhere. But he couldn't follow me into homes where there were women, so I took photos inside people's homes." Lynsey Addario. IMG
"The hype that follows me doesn't bug me. I expect more out of myself than anyone else does, that's for sure." Jason Spezza. IMG
"Let him who loves his country in his heart, and not his lips only, follow me." Giuseppe Garibaldi. IMG
"My popularity does not derive from me pandering to people. People came to me. I don't tell anyone to follow me on Twitter. I don't tell people to like my Facebook page. I don't tell people to fill the venue. I'm offered to people, and then people come." Neil Degrasse Tyson. IMG
"I think anyone who follows me knows how I react. It's not always poetic and perfect but neither am I." Chrissy Teigen. IMG
"My ex-husband is not on social media or Facebook, which I find fascinating and I do not follow any [others]. I know that one of them follows me, which I find interesting." Sutton Foster. IMG
"A father doesn't say, 'Don't go that way.' He says, 'ome follow me.'" Judah Smith. IMG
"Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that I am a massive Frank [Turner] fanboy." Timothy Omundson. IMG
"As much as I make my music for me, I make it for the people who rock with me and follow me. They're the inspiration behind it." Torae. IMG
"Limericks don't come from Limerick. But it comes from that between the verses when they used to have those competitions that they would put in the refrain, "follow me up, follow me up, follow me up to Limerick Town."" Malachy Mccourt. IMG
"This is a good day to die. Follow me!" Sitting Bull. IMG
"Leia follows me like a vague smell." Carrie Fisher. IMG
"I tell people that we must have the courage to share what we feel, but no one follows me." Tadashi Yanai. IMG
"Come, follow me, and leave the world to its babblings." Dante Alighieri. IMG
"What do you want for your life? And how are you going to get it? Figure that out. And then follow me to gloryville." Jason Ellis. IMG
"Pity. It seems determined to follow me everywhere." Ari Marmell. IMG
"I despise followers of any kind, especially those who follow me." Timothy Leary. IMG
"Just follow me and run like your life depends on it. Because it does." James Dashner. IMG
"Leaders never have to ask the people to, 'Come follow me.' The people believe just by watching his lead." Marc Marcel. IMG
"I wear my shadows where they're harder to see, but they follow me everywhere. I guess that should tell me I'm traveling toward light." Bruce Cockburn. IMG
"If you want to buy my wares Follow me and climb the stairs... Love for sale." Cole Porter. IMG
"I first adventure, follow me who list And be the second English satirist" Joseph Hall. IMG
"I'm going to stop a revolution,' I say. I turn right, and Peter follows me." Veronica Roth. IMG
"You can always follow me on Tweeter." Rick Perry. IMG
"God chose to set his love on the Israelites not because of any merit in them but solely because of mercy in him." David Platt. IMG
"Jesus came to live the life we could not live and to die the death we deserve to die." David Platt. IMG
"The Bible clearly reminds us that left to ourselves, we would be lost forever." David Platt. IMG
"He (Jesus) came so that we might receive new life through supernatural regeneration." David Platt. IMG
"The devil follows me day and night because he is afraid to be alone." Francis Picabia. IMG
"I don't want anyone to follow me on Twitter if they're looking for anything interesting or mature." Lauren German. IMG
"If you don't like it, don't follow me, don't watch me, cause I'm not going anywhere." Gigi Hadid. IMG


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