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"No one wearies of benefits received." Marcus Aurelius. IMG
"We are beginning to see the benefits of globalconsolidation," Lakshmi Mittal. IMG
"He is great who confers the most benefits." Ralph Waldo Emerson. IMG
"We are better pleased to see those on whom we confer benefits than those from whom we receive them." Francois de La Rochefoucauld. IMG
"Deaths have benefits. They can fertilise the ground." Mao Zedong. IMG
"It either is or ought to be evident to everyone that business has to prosper before anyone can get any benefit from it." Theodore Roosevelt. IMG
"That's one of the benefits of working with a smaller network like IFC. You're awarded more trust, but trust that I really earned." Scott Aukerman. IMG
"The benefits of Mouna (Silence) are incalculable." Sivananda. IMG
"Unless what you say benefits the other person, don't say it." Denis Waitley. IMG
"I am aware of the usefulness of science to society and of the benefits society derives from it." Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar. IMG
"There's some benefit to being happy in your life. Of looking around and saying, 'This is mine." Tom Leykis. IMG
"The biggest benefit of doing an interview podcast is the relationships you build." Jay Baer. IMG
"One should do nothing other than what is directly or indirectly of benefit to living beings." Shantideva. IMG
"At some point, we realize that what we do for ourselves benefits others, and what we do for others benefits us." Pema Chodron. IMG
"I have to come first, because then everyone benefits." Gisele Bundchen. IMG
"It's not always to the benefit of the story to have it so preordained." Daniel Woodrell. IMG
"For every alleged benefit that the politicians confer upon us, they must necessarily deprive us of something else." Henry Hazlitt. IMG
"When women participate in the economy everyone benefits." Hillary Clinton. IMG
"Marriage is not only a package of benefits - it's a status." Amy Davidson. IMG
"I'm not saying drinking is all that great but you know it's got benefits; you can't smoke somebody pretty." Doug Stanhope. IMG
"The benefits of knowledge can only be realized in practice." Swami Vivekananda. IMG
"Consumers do not buy products. They buy product benefits." David Ogilvy. IMG
"The tragedies that are being brought about vastly outweigh the benefits that are being achieved." Andrew Solomon. IMG
"Just by being happier, everyone benefits because your happiness is contagious." Miguel Angel Ruiz. IMG
"Help another and you will be the one who benefits most" Jim Rohn. IMG
"To destroy an offender cannot benefit society so much as to redeem him." L Frank Baum. IMG
"I'll come to any benefit if I see SCLC get all the money." Mahalia Jackson. IMG
"So now she and I are friends - not with benefits, but memories." Sara Ryan. IMG
"Those that recognize the inevitability of change stand to benefit the most from it." Jay Samit. IMG
"The benefits of science are not to be reckoned only in terms of the physical." Henry Taube. IMG
"The success of each of us benefits us all, and the success of us all benefits each of us individually." Walter Ulbricht. IMG
"There seems a general rule that, the more obviously one's work benefits other people, the less one is likely to be paid for it." David Graeber. IMG
"I don't think there's a thing I own that I will ever get the benefit of except through doing things with it." Walt Disney. IMG
"The true measure of your worth includes all the benefits others have gained from your success." Cullen Hightower. IMG
"Often they benefit who suffer wrong." Ovid. IMG
"Everyone must find a capacity in which they can serve, because we all benefit from society." Kathleen Turner. IMG
"That's got to be at least one of the benefits of heaven - never having to act normal again." Cynthia Rylant. IMG
"The constancy of the benefit of the yeere in their seasons argues a Deity." George Herbert. IMG
"How terrible it is to have wisdom when it does not benefit those who have it." Sophocles. IMG
"To Sally, who showed me the benefits of the sport of golf." Steig Larsson. IMG
"I have the benefit of experience which tells me that sulking solves nothing" Cassandra Clare. IMG
"In every adversity, there is a seed of equivalent benefit." Pat Riley. IMG
"Friendship is made fast by interwoven benefits." Philip Sidney. IMG
"For the great benefits of our being- our life, health, and reason-we look upon ourselves." Seneca the Elder. IMG
"A benefit cited by way of reproach is equivalent to an injury." Jean Racine. IMG
"How worthy it is to remember former benefits when we come to beg for new." Stephen Charnock. IMG
"Hell has no benefits, only torture." John Milton. IMG
"We are bullish on the health benefits, but they have to bring value." Steve Miller. IMG
"Heroes exterminate each other for the benefit of people who are not heroes." Havelock Ellis. IMG
"Stay away from a companionship that does not benefit you with knowledge." Muadh ibn Jabal. IMG
"Men have no right to what is not reasonable, and to what is not for their benefit." Edmund Burke. IMG
"I gave away a lot of works for benefits and then people would also give me back." Mikhail Baryshnikov. IMG
"Value equals benefits received for burdens endured." Leonard L. Berry. IMG
"Every day I will renew my commitment and think about the benefits that come from it." John C Maxwell. IMG
"Do not practice buddha-dharma with the thought that it is to benefit others." Dogen. IMG
"If I have a girlfriend, I do' bring her to flaunt her. She does' get to reap the benefits of me being famous." Nick Diaz. IMG
"Friendship always benefits; love sometimes injures." Seneca the Younger. IMG
"I'm suspicious of the notion of a single book that would benefit everyone to read." Kristin Cashore. IMG
"Even those who do not, or cannot, avail themselves of a scientific education, choose to benefit from the technology that is made possible by the scientific education of others." Richard Dawkins. IMG
"Being famous has its benefits, but fame isn't one of them." Larry Wall. IMG


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