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"This new baseball is like a golf ball. I think there are going to be a lot more dents put in the wall at Fenway Park this year." Don Zimmer. IMG
"Fenway Park, in Boston, is a lyric little bandbox of a ballpark. Everything is painted green and seems in curiously sharp focus, like the inside of an old-fashioned peeping-type Easter egg." John Updike. IMG
"Why? Why should the bond between a people and their baseball team be so intense? Fenway Park is a part of it, offering a physical continuum to the bond, not only because Papi can stand in the same batter's box as Teddy Ballgame, but also because a son might sit in the same wooden-slat seat as his father." Tom Verducci. IMG
"If you had to point to one thing that made it less likely that the Red Sox would win the World Series, I would say it was those people that go to Fenway Park to watch the games. And then the media around it." Michael Lewis. IMG
"Everything with me is normal except when I pitch (in Fenway Park). When I pitch here it's a little different. There is a little more anxiety to go along with the nostalgia because this is the park I grew up with as a kid. This is the park I dreamed of playing Major League Baseball in and no other ballpark has that feeling for me. There are a lot more family and friends here than in my normal starts and I want to pitch well here." Tom Glavine. IMG
"I'm helplessly and permanently a Red Sox fan. It was like first love...You never forget. It's special. It's the first time I saw a ballpark. I'd thought nothing would ever replace cricket. Wow! Fenway Park at 7 o'clock in the evening. Oh, just, magic beyond magic: never got over that" Simon Schama. IMG
"The actual fund is called "THE JIMMY FUND" and THE REDSOX FOUNDATION IN BOSTON has gotten involved and people all over New England are very supportive of this effort. The Jimmy Fund is an official charity of the Boston Red Sox and my song "Down at Fenway Park" is often played at Fenway and if you buy the C.D. a portion of the proceeds go to the Jimmy Fund via the Red Sox Foundation." Freddy Cannon. IMG
"I grew up a Red Sox fan. I grew up going to Fenway Park and the Museum of Fine Arts and the Science Museum and Symphony Hall and going to the Common, walking around. My whole family at different times lived and worked in Boston." James Spader. IMG
"Bart Giamatti did not grow up (as he had dreamed) to play second base for the Red Sox. He became a professor at Yale, and then, in time president of the National Baseball League. He never lost his love for the Boston Red Sox. It was as a Red Sox fan, he later realized that human beings are fallen, and that life is filled with disappointment. The path to comprehending Calvinism in modern America, he decided, begins at Fenway Park." David Halberstam. IMG


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