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"I highly recommend time to yourself." Lianne La Havas. IMG
"Man lives in time but his life transcends time." R.J. Rushdoony. IMG
"It's mighty funny. The end of time has just begun." Bob Dylan. IMG
"Time indeed has very little to do with living except at its beginning or near its end." Phyllis Bottome. IMG
"There is no post-9/11. Everything from now until the end of time is post-9/11." Joe Bob Briggs. IMG
"I have a child and I don't want to be at work all the time when he's small. I want to spend time with him." Mary-Louise Parker. IMG
"You cannot save time, but you can spend time differently." Brian Tracy. IMG
"Stay in the game until the end of time." Tupac Shakur. IMG
"For eternally and always there is only one now, one and the same now; the present is the only thing that has no end." Erwin Schrodinger. IMG
"When a woman writes you a poem, she spends time with the gods on your behalf." Aja Monet. IMG
"End times aren't supposed to be very pretty." Lauren Kate. IMG
"I don't think it's unusual to spend time with your castmate." Isabel Lucas. IMG
"Before the end of Time will be the end of History. Before the end of History will be the end of Art." Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. IMG
"I study the Bible and spend time on the Internet." Gloria Gaynor. IMG
"Let your characters talk to each other and do things. Spend time with them - they'll tell you who they are and what they're up to." Greta Gerwig. IMG
"English? Who needs to spend time learning that? I'm never going to England!" Dan Castellaneta. IMG
"You really try to work the character out and spend time in the headspace of the character. That's what I did." James Norton. IMG
"I like to travel, but honestly I really like to just be at home in London and spend time with my friends." Douglas Booth. IMG
"I think that's all I want in life, just like peace and be able to make music and like have happiness when it's time off. Spend time with people and family, whatever." Justin Vernon. IMG
"I like to have success experiences rather than failure experiences. So I'm more likely to compete in things I'm good at, and more likely to spend time on the things I expect to succeed at." Park Dietz. IMG
"The Bible tells us, for instance, that there is going to be a cashless society. The Bible tells us that there is going to be global instability and excessive violence in the End Times." Greg Laurie. IMG
"The Bible says that in the last days, there would be false teachers. And, it also says that in the End Times that... there would be an apostasy." Greg Laurie. IMG
"I will pour out my spirit on all flesh" Joel Osteen. IMG
"Don't spend time with anyone you don't like." Prue Leith. IMG
"Whatever begins, also ends." Seneca the Younger. IMG
"Modo, et modo, non habebent modum. By-and-by has no end." Saint Augustine. IMG
"Who you spend time with is who you become." Tony Robbins. IMG
"You can kill time or kill yourself, it comes to the same thing in the end." Elsa Triolet. IMG
"Heard you told him that you'd love him 'til the end of time. Now that's the same thing that you told me." Willie Nelson. IMG
"I don't practice anything. I spend time looking over ideas and then just get out and do it." Robin Williams. IMG
"The friend of time doesn't spend all day saying: 'I haven't got time.' He doesn't fight with time. He accepts it and cherishes it." Jean Vanier. IMG
"Ronald Reagan used to alarm other constituencies by speaking freely about the End Times foreshadowed in the Bible." Christopher Hitchens. IMG
"There are places where there is more power. Just as there is more power in the chakras, there is more power in certain places. We call them places of power. If you spend time in these places, it increases your vibratory power." Frederick Lenz. IMG
"Emmanuel Lewis was amazing to work with. I'll love that guy to the end of time." Corin Nemec. IMG
"Music will never stop - it can never stop. I will continue to sing for my fans till the end of time." Sunidhi Chauhan. IMG
"Spend time with spiritual friends, those who seek light. Purity is gained through strength." Frederick Lenz. IMG
"Isn't today a day to devote to craft? Isn't tomorrow? Isn't every day, routinely, until the end of time?" Eric Maisel. IMG
"I think psychedelics are sort of like doing calisthenics in preparation for the marathon at the end of time." Terence Mckenna. IMG
"These are clearly the end times, and now we understand why the prophets warned us about the Trump of Doom." Michael R. Burch. IMG
"Spend time doing things that matter." Robin S. Sharma. IMG
"The more you spend time with a character, the more you see different nuances of that character." Seth Gabel. IMG
"To discover the real you, look at what you spend time thinking about when no one is looking." Timothy Keller. IMG
"If you just sit and spend time with yourself - you were born as you, just you, and that's how you're gonna die. Why do we spend the time in between trying to not be ourselves? That's what meditation is. You just sit with yourself. Through all of it. It's like John Patrick Shanley said: "Where the terror is, you must go." Where the terror is, is where you must go." Daphne Zuniga. IMG
"You can spend time self-identifying and figuring out what you are on that, but at some point, you just want to be who you are and not walk around telling people." Amy Ray. IMG
"We have a gift of life. What we do with that gift is dependent on the choices we make. The people who we spend time with. The things that we go out to do every day." Phil Keoghan. IMG
"I won't quit my day job. I like restaurants. I don't do a lot of television, either, even though people come to me with projects all the time. I have to spend time in the kitchen." Wolfgang Puck. IMG
"I like to play video games, I like to keep up with sports, and I just like to spend time with people, because I'm on the road so much that when I'm home, I like to spend time with people that I don't normally get to see." Brad Williams. IMG
"The best way to break down that fear is to spend time with somebody, put yourself in somebody else's shoes, understand what the other person is going through." Hillary Clinton. IMG
"I recognize that as a musician there is a certain chauvinism attached to it, which is the thing of, "I spent my time learning how to play. You didn't spend time learning how to play, therefore, you are not a musician."" Jerry Garcia. IMG
"When you are happy time appears shorter, when you are sad time appears longer. And in meditation we transcend time!" Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. IMG
"You become what you focus on and like the people you spend time with." John Spence. IMG
"I've always seen my work as trying to make the connection with men who no one really spends time with." Laurel Nakadate. IMG
"I'm a quiet person. I spend time observing, not speaking." Norman Reedus. IMG
"It's a long old road, but I know I'm gonna find the end." Bessie Smith. IMG
"There is no other way to know good from evil, right from wrong, unless we have His Word dwelling richly in our heart. It's good for us to spend time in His Word." John Bevere. IMG
"A father's calling is eternal and its importance transcends time. It is a calling for both time and eternity." Ezra Taft Benson. IMG
"The key to greatness is to look for people's potential and spend time developing it." Peter Drucker. IMG
"I'm a quiet person. I spend time observing, not speaking." Norman Reedus. IMG
"The surest way to a child's heart is to spend time with them" Kevin Heath. IMG
"I like to play table tennis, spend time with my kids." Floyd Mayweather Jr. IMG


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