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"There are now electrical appliances with the main unit so sealed in that it cannot be got at for repair. There have always been human beings like that." Mignon Mclaughlin. IMG
"Many injuries and deaths can be prevented through an understanding of the dangers of power lines, electrical appliances, extension cords, and lightning." Richard Neal. IMG
"There are days when any electrical appliance in the house, including the vacuum cleaner, seems to offer more entertainment possibilities than the television set." Harriet Van Horne. IMG
"Of course, Behaviourism 'works'. So does torture. Give me a no-nonsense, down-to-earth behaviourist, a few drugs, and simple electrical appliances, and in six months I will have him reciting the Athanasian Creed in public." W H Auden. IMG
"Imagine a ship that is sinking and needs all the available power to run the pumps to drain out the rising waters. The first class passengers refuse to cooperate because they feel hot and want to use the air-conditioner and other electrical appliances. The second-class passengers spend all their time trying to be upgraded to first-class status. The boat sinks and the passengers all drown. That is where the present approach to climate change is leading." Matthieu Ricard. IMG



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