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"My wolf was a cute guy and he was holding my hand. I could die happy." Maggie Stiefvater. IMG
"I see a cute guy in Starbucks and I'm like... 'Oh, okay,' and I walk out. But who knows? Maybe I will ask somebody on a date soon!" Shay Mitchell. IMG
"Rule number one: Why is it that the one time a cute guy talks to you, you have a friend who's in crisis?" Candace Bushnell. IMG
""I don't ever want to try to be a 'cute guy.' I want to be Charles Laughton, or Oliver Reed, or Lon Cheney. That's way more fun for me." And once I flipped that switch, that's another thing I've taken off my shoulders, where I never have to worry about, "Do I look good?"" Nick Offerman. IMG
"I definitely used to lie about my age. I'm from Tennessee and everyone would vacation in Destin, Florida, where there are lots of cute guys. I would go with my older sister and lie about my age to them." Lucy Hale. IMG
"I definitely wanted to be an actor. I didn't want to be on TV, I didn't want to be famous, I didn't want to be anyone in particular; I just wanted to do it. I see young people now who look at magazines, or American Idol and their goal is to have that lifestyle - to have good handbags, or go out with cute guys from shows, or whatever. But I definitely wanted to be an actor." Lauren Graham. IMG


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