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"From their maneuvers and their terrific speed I am certain their flight performance was greater than any aircraft known today." Frank Herman Schofield. IMG
"The phenomenon is something real and not visionary or fictitious. There are objects approximating the shape of a disc, some of which appear flat on bottom and domed on top. These objects are as large as man-made aircraft and have a metallic or light-reflecting surface. Further they exhibit extreme rates of climb and maneuverability with no associated sound and take action which must be considered evasive when contacted by aircraft and radar." Nathan Farragut Twining. IMG
"When you have a hammer, all problems start to look like nails. But nations without great military power face the opposite danger: When you don't have a hammer, you don't want anything to look like nails." Robert Kagan. IMG
"Always make your opponent think you know more than you really know." Philip Sheridan. IMG
"To solve the human equation, we need to add love, subtract hate, multiply good, and divide between truth and error." Janet Coleman. IMG
"When anybody laughs, he has no mind, no thought, no problem, no suffering." H. W. L. Poonja. IMG
"Funny women are honest women." Elizabeth Meriwether. IMG
"I've tried many different types of alarm apps, but the tried and true is the iPhone alarm. I like it because you can label your alarms. For my personal amusement, I've labeled them 3 a.m. for 'ridiculously early,' 3:30 is just 'early,' and 4 is 'slacker.'" Savannah Guthrie. IMG
"Every sweet, humble young model is only one campaign away from becoming a fashion monster." Coco Rocha. IMG


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