Quotes About Social Structure

Quotes About Social Structure


"Urbanization is not about simply increasing the number of urban residents or expanding the area of cities. More importantly, it's about a complete change from rural to urban style in terms of industry structure, employment, living environment and social security." Li Keqiang. IMG
"Our body is simply a social structure made of many souls." Friedrich Nietzsche. IMG
"There are 10-20 times more male comics than female comics; it's something to do with the social structure of society." Jo Brand. IMG
"Indias rigid social structure limits intergenerational economic mobility and fosters acceptance of vast wealth disparities." Steven Rattner. IMG
"The question of questions for the politicians should ever be-What type of social structure am I tending to produce? But this is a question he never entertains." Herbert Spencer. IMG
"For Marx, 'pure' economic theory, that is economic theory which abstracts from a specific social structure, is impossible." Ernest Mandel. IMG
"What we are headed for is a sort of social structure in which the highbrows are the elite, the middlebrows are the bourgeoisie and the lowbrows are hoi polloi." Russell Lynes. IMG
"Our tax policy is engineered by people who view tax as a means of achieving changes in our social structure." Ronald Reagan. IMG
"Advertising, as a single entity capable of creating vast changes in our social structure, simply does not exist. Its impact is too diffuse, too omnidirectional." Prince William of Hesse-Kassel. IMG


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