Best Douglas Adams Quotes

Best Douglas Adams Quotes


"The great thing about being the only species that makes a distinction between right and wrong is that we can make up the rules for ourselves as we go along." Douglas Adams. IMG
"The best wine comes from home, wherever it is." Kirk Douglas. IMG
"Life... is like a grapefruit. It's orange and squishy, and has a few pips in it, and some folks have half a one for breakfast." Douglas Adams. IMG
"But while nature has considerable resilience, there is a limit to how far that resilience can be stretched. No one knows how close to the limit we are getting. The darker it gets, the faster we're driving" Douglas Adams. IMG
"I cannot however help repeating Piety, because I think it indispensible. Religion in a Family is at once its brightest Ornament & its best Security." Samuel Adams. IMG
"Israel has the best engineers in the world... I view Israel as a tremendous source of technologies" Douglas H. Bosco. IMG
"If you really want to understand something, the best way is to try and explain it to someone else." Douglas Adams. IMG
"Capital Letters Were Always The Best Way Of Dealing With Things You Didn't Have A Good Answer To." Douglas Adams. IMG
"Imagine a puddle waking up one morning and thinking, " This is an interesting world I find myself in, an interesting hole I find myself in; fits me rather neatly, doesn't it? In fact it fits me staggeringly well! It must have been made to have me in it!" Douglas Adams. IMG


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