love quote

love quote


"Love is so simple, to quote a phrase; you've known it all the time, I'm learnin' it these days." Bob Dylan. IMG
"I always love to quote Albert Einstein because nobody dares contradict him." Studs Terkel. IMG
"I love this quote uttered by the character Widget in The Night Circus. He credits it to Herr Thiessen but knows it is a literary quote by the another author. "Wine is bottled poetry" Robert Louis Stevenson. IMG
"Love and Loyalty, run deeper than blood." Love that quote even though I haven't read the book." Richelle Mead. IMG
"Below are some quotations along these lines. Select a quote for your Gothic Myspace layout or contribute one of your own." Laura Ramirez. IMG
"Be strong, believe in freedom and in God, love yourself, understand your sexuality, have a sense of humor, masturbate, don't judge people by their religion, color or sexual habits, love life and your family. From The Great Rock 'N' Roll Quote Book" Madonna Ciccone. IMG
"You always find the right quote, or the right thing to say to make me believe you love me." Cassandra Clare. IMG
"A forward critic often dupes us With sham quotations peri hupsos. And if we have not read Longinus, Will magisterially outshine us. Then, lest with Greek he over-run ye, Procure the book for love or money, Translated from Boileau's translation, And quote quotation on quotation." Jonathan Swift. IMG
"As far as the quote-unquote shipping community goes, I love the passion behind anyone who ships Caroline and Klaus. They are very hardcore shippers..." Candice Accola. IMG


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