Ansel Adams Famous Quotes

Ansel Adams Famous Quotes


"I think we can not categorize. Things do not fit into a mold." Ansel Adams. IMG
"All art is a vision penetrating the illusions of reality, and photography is one form of this vision and revelation." Ansel Adams. IMG
"I do not think there is any question of photography being an art form!" Ansel Adams. IMG
"There still is some opposition to it in some museums and art schools, but I think photography has really grown into a mature art form." Ansel Adams. IMG
"I think photography is being recognized and collected. Its values have certainly gone up and continue to go up." Ansel Adams. IMG
"Photographers and artists contribute a lot to the world and have a right to exist in relative security and comfort." Ansel Adams. IMG
"Photography has escalated almost exponentially! It is a language which covers almost every aspect of communication; factual and expressive." Ansel Adams. IMG
"I've always thought photography was an art form, but it had very low appreciation in the beginning, except for some Europeans, and of course Stieglitz. Stieglitz always considered photography to be an art form and is the "father" of the creative concepts of the twentieth century." Ansel Adams. IMG
"Photography and photographers have an inevitable development. They progress more or less by steps. Every five or ten years some new point of view is developed and young people are inclined to follow it." Ansel Adams. IMG


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